Expert: Russian billion last for two weeks

During an inspection of the regions affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in fact, Alexander Lukashenko approved the increase of the prices of imported goods.

In Luninets in an interview with the staff of one of the stores he reassured there is nothing wrong with that foreign products are a little jump in prices. Like, there will always be local import substitution. But it demanded that the prices were adequate. Meanwhile National Bank continues to defend the official exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar, not seeing the feasibility of carrying out a previously announced exchange.

Alexander Lukashenko demanded that the power hierarchy closely monitor the process of price formation. And made it clear that to be led by vendors who are trying to seize the moment, so to speak, "turf" commodity prices, it is not necessary — there are others:

"There are a lot of looking into this situation, price" turf. "" Pulling "the price — you look at it, respectively. Do not be afraid of them, and it starts — that they will go away. Let them go, there's someone out to work. Yes, they will not go anywhere. But at the crucial moment to profit at the expense of the people — this is unacceptable. Therefore, it is necessary for us all to look in terms of price. "

Meanwhile import prices soaring. Company-suppliers make no secret that they are forced to price a significant cost on the purchase of foreign currency. National Bank and the government claim that the financial problems will be solved in the near future, after the Russian loan in the amount of $ 1 billion. What the experts, however, are skeptical.

An employee of a commercial bank Vyacheslav Kroot calculated that the estimated billion will be "eaten" for a month, or even faster. On the other hand, it is not clear how the authorities are going to improve the economy targeted loans provided against payment of supplies of Russian natural gas?

"If you count the daily balance of the auction, conducted by the National

this billion to rescue the situation is not enough. More precisely, enough for a month …

bank, it is given a negative supply and demand. In other words, this billion to rescue the situation is not enough. More precisely, enough for a month. A view of the current so-called pent-up demand — that is not enough even for a month. Because they sold a billion monthly from the beginning of the year, and now pent-up demand has been going on from March. That is, these billion in two weeks will suffice. Therefore, in any case, the course will have to let go. In principle, all ready for this for a long time. But the worst thing that someone else is still trying to hang noodles on the ears. Who to believe these stories — is unclear. However, they're all well aware, but they say that there is a trend — they say that some leaders of the National Bank and the government believe that the ruble can not let go, because it will be a blow to the country's image, the image of power. "

National Bank further insists that all the steps in the "stabilization" meet the requirements of the moment. Today announced that in the near future there is no need to introduce an additional session at the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange, which was announced last week. Banker Vyacheslav turn at it notes that while the National Bank is trying to bind to artificially keep their course, some banking institutions work out the general rules:

"At least this week Trading does not. In fact it was such a desire, but according to information from other bankers, who were present in the

"VTB Bank", "Belpromstroibank" and "Priorbank" do operations on the course, focusing on 5100 rubles …

National Bank at the meeting, it was only in the plans, they worked through the scenario without knowing it, in what form it is all done. With regard to other realities, then there is a ban on the interbank market to sell more than 4,500 rubles per dollar. In this case, go to the threat that otherwise there are grounds to take the license or dismiss the bank's management. But as far as I know, "VTB Bank", "Belpromstroibank" and "Priorbank", backed by the large Russian banks and "Rayfayzen-bank", it is still doing a conversion operation on the course, focusing on 5100 rubles. "

The banking community unwillingness to "let go" is clearly devalued the ruble is seen, at best, guarded. Chairman of the Board "Home Credit Bank" Algerdas Tabatade said that although initially voiced a desire to determine the appropriate exchange rate on the basis of supply and demand was reasonable:

"It was the right decision, of course. Indeed, today's enough

today enough mnozhnasts courses require some solutions …

mnozhnasts course requires some solutions. Personally, I'm such a written decision is not seen anywhere else, but expressed the decision to determine the real exchange rate was correct. I think that's probably a financier, an analyst at the site of the National Bank would try to first determine, of course, the present value of this amount. And it's understandable desire. So there is hope for the best. "

However, the Central Bank of Russia called for greater "flexibility" of the Belarusian ruble, including the exchange rate for the population. First Deputy Chairman of the Bank Alexei Ulyukayev said that the situation in the foreign exchange market in Belarus remains difficult.

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