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The problem of missing teeth for many highly relevant, but having lost one or more teeth, a man in every way postpones trip to the doctor just because of the legacy of images, ensconced in his subconscious, while modern techniques and equipment allow us to reduce the discomfort of dental visits to a minimum.

The questions answeredVladimir Voznyuk — The dental surgeon, implantology, the answers will make sure that the long and painful recovery procedure of teeth gone. Today, there are proven methods of modern prosthetics and implants, which will return you to the lost teeth and a beautiful smile.

— Tell me, please, what new methods of prosthetics and dental implants are now available?

Dentistry is now developing rapidly, and dental implants is moving forward by leaps and bounds. Over the past 20 years the Swiss dentists have developed a new method of restoration of teeth — BOI-implantation, which allows you to get new teeth in just 4-5 days. The great advantage of this type of implant is the fact that 95% of cases may be dispensed build bone, even if it is not sufficient to set implants classic method. This method appeared in Russia recently, but our experts are engaged in the clinic setting BOI-implants for 4 years.

— Tell us more about this method …

The uniqueness of this method lies in the fact that BOI-implantation is carried out in a single visit to the doctor, and immediately after implantation of the implants can be installed dentures. Duration of treatment is usually not more than a week — this includes the preparatory phase, the installation of the implant and prosthesis.

At the heart of BOI-implantation is the use of implants that are not installed on top, as usual implants, and the side of the bone. This allows implants to deliver even a minimal amount of bone. Due to its design, deep implants, and most importantly stable, fixed in the jaw.

This method has many advantages:

  • it allows a minimum period of time (up to 1 week) to restore the masticatory function of the teeth. New teeth can instantly load without waiting for the long-term engraftment — chew soft foods.;
  • reduced invasiveness of implantation, because it requires only one surgical intervention;
  • reduced time period of rehabilitation, less swelling after surgery, less pain experienced by the patient;
  • reduced the percentage of implant rejection, as Implant set in cortical bone layers, which are less exposed to infections;

— What this method is fundamentally different from the classical methods of implantation?

In the classical method of dental implants patient must first have a sufficient amount of bone tissue, and this is a very rare occurrence in our practice. Therefore, prior to implantation patients to receive bone augmentation (sinus lift). Typically the bone healing process takes up to 6 months. Only after that, the doctor may install the implant. Then comes the period of the implant with the bone healing, from 4 to 6 months and then placed on the implant abutment and crown. Overall, the recovery period of one tooth may take up to a year. It should also be noted that in the absence of a large number of teeth, bone and implants are implanted classic all at once, but gradually, otherwise it is a very large burden on the body, and consequently reduced immunity and increased risk of rejection. So BOI implants for these patients is the best method, since the technology was created precisely to restore a set of teeth, using different in form and structure of implants. As a result, we get a design, I would say a "mechanism", where each implant in addition to its direct function (simulated tooth root) helps distribute the load to other implants on the jaw and stimulirvoat circulation and, therefore, accelerate the healing process.

— Who are candidates for BOI-implantation?

Due to the special form implants are suitable for almost all patients, but especially those who have been strong bone tissue atrophy and, as I said, the complete absence of teeth. It can be said that the BOI Implants shown in those cases where the installation of conventional dental implants impossible.

-Thus, the benefits are clear — speed, less traumatic, does not require bone augmentation. Are there any drawbacks to this method?

First IhdeDental puts special demands on the equipment and materials used in the clinic provide dental services. Not many clinics can afford the equipment, its own dental laboratory, as well as materials. Plus establish special shape design BOI may only professional doctors who have been trained and certified. On the territory of the Russian exclusive franchise to use the method of BOI, as well as certified physicians have only the center SIMPLADENT.

Plus you need to understand that the treatment is always individual, and this method is shown not to all. For example, patients with diabetes or if there is only one tooth. To install the BOI implants require a certain space, so you need to be out at least three teeth.

— Tell us about the process of implantation, as it passes?

The patient comes to the doctor, home of the oral examination, assesses the state of bone tissue. After which the patient passes the necessary tests and was in surgery for implantation of the implants under local anesthesia, remove molds for the manufacture of the prosthesis. The next day, the patient tries frame metal-plastic prostheses and after a day goes home with new teeth. This is followed by a period of observation by a doctor for complications, changes in the strength of fixation. In most cases, teeth perfectly acclimatized, and a year later became a regular structure of the metal-ceramic or zirconia. Thus, in contrast to the classical implantation without re inflatability painful surgery to implant abutment setting — a link between the implants and dentures.

— Oh, and the price? Like all new and progressive, perhaps this is a very expensive?

Dental implants procedure is not cheap at all, since they use expensive equipment and materials. I can not say that BOI-implantation more expensive than other methods of tooth restoration. The cost of implants is optimal from the point of view of the "price-quality". Plus, due to a significant reduction in treatment time from one year to the week, reducing the doctor's work, reducing the number of stages of treatment, the total value of BOI-implantation significantly below the classical, often two, two and a half times. It is worth noting that the center adheres SIMPLADENT pricing policy of "all inclusive", ie in the price of services usually include doctor's job, all the necessary materials and follow-up visit, so you will not be unpleasantly surprised by the cost of additional services and materials, of which you have no idea. In addition, the work and materials are guaranteed for one year, we are constantly seeing the patient, and if you want something to fix or replace, then it is done for free. Well, the doctor is no better reward than seeing a satisfied patient who quickly and painlessly acquired new teeth.

A brief summary of Vladimir Alexandrovich Voznyuk:

Longevity: More than 25 years

Has the highest qualification category of a surgeon implantology.

For time worked was awarded state awards:

  • "Excellent Health of the Russian Federation "
  • the winner of the national contest "Best in Profession"
  • awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Health "Best Dentist"
  • awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation "For the development of new technologies" in a cycle of implementation in practice of dental surgery latest techniques in implantology.

If you have any further questions on this method you can ask them to Vladimir Alexandrovich online or through a support center SIMPLADENT + 7 (495) 789-35-82; 8-800-333-53-41


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