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U.S. scientists have turned to stone tree a few days 27.01.2005



Scientists have found a way to turn a piece of wood into a mineral in a few days, whereas under natural conditions this takes millions of years. According to the Associated Press, this opens up new opportunities for the chemical industry in the area of separation of various materials, as well as filtration and absorption of harmful impurities.

According to one of the researchers, "petrified wood — it is very hard and porous material," not like the wood. Having a solid porous surface and being within this mineral is ideal for the absorption or separation of different chemical compounds. It can also be used as a catalyst.

Under natural conditions, the tree becomes fossilized when it gets into an environment where there is no oxygen. It is then leached and treated with minerals contained in the soil. For example, in the national park "Gingko Petrified Forest" in the state of Washington, the trees were buried under the red-hot lava millions of years ago that stopped access to oxygen.

To create petrified wood, the researchers took planks of pine and poplar. They dipped them in an acid bath and then for several days sodium impregnated silica. Then air dry the wood, calcined in argon-filled furnace heated to a temperature of 1400 degrees under argon and cooled to room temperature.

As a result, scientists have silicon carbide that mimic the structure of petrified wood. Now they have to make a more narrow pores and arranged in a specific order to get the mineral was suitable for industrial use.

These studies were conducted at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, located in the state of Washington. The research center operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy. The lab has about 4 thousand employees and an annual budget of $ 650 million.

Battery News, 26.01.2005 11:01

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