Farmer was first described by a miracle — a monster that kept at bay the whole neighborhood

December 9, 2011 21:52

Vladimir had seen a vampire who dealt with rabbits

A farmer from the Stavropol Vladimir Krasnikov able to witness the unknown creature, the rumors about the power and cruelty of which go around the world.
Under cover of night Chupacabra kills animals by sucking their blood.

At each of the rabbits found traces of vampire teeth

"Your Day" wrote about the mass slaughter of sheep in the suburbs, which has remained unsolved. And here is a new confirmation of the existence monster that clearly saw the farmer.

— Height is a decent, well, like a big dog. Snout elongated, black hair — explains uptight boss. — I caught a glimpse of her. Noise heard from the house jumped, and she sits on his hind legs and holding my rabbit! As I said, just started up their heels!


Night monster crept into the yard and drank the blood of all the rabbits, pulling strong locks on the cells.

— We have also heard the sound of the night and a terrible screeching metal, but were afraid to go out — says Zoya Anisimov. — In the morning, a neighbor knocked on the window, Vladimir — go out, they say, look, what with your rabbits. To him, it turns out, is also visited by the chupacabra. I went out and was dumbfounded!

Lifeless carcasses of animals were released from the cells, and each neck was visible puncture.

Rabbits were still, but they were completely whole — only a puncture. And not a drop of blood on the snow! — Almost in tears, said the hostess.


The snow - Chupacabra tracks: two - and one of the legs - from the tail

Vladimir himself Krasnikov not scared and went out at night to the noise, but to catch the unknown predator too late. But the saw thoroughly.

— Chupacabra like jumping on two feet and a tail supported! Now, see, in fresh snow just three track! — Shows Vladimir on the prints.

Even caused rescuers have not been able to shed light on the eerie and mysterious attack, but they have been looking for a dangerous vampire.

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