Fat group Efko launches a pilot plant for the production of nanotsellyulozy

Belgorod. 04.10.2011. Business Information Agency (ABIREG.RU) — Belgorod fat and oil group "Efko" in October will launch a pilot plant for the production of a new composite material — nanotsellyulozy, of which it is planned to manufacture biodegradable packaging, said the governor Yevgeny Savchenko at a meeting with local journalists.

The purpose of the project — the development of technology and of the production of deep processing of agricultural plant waste to produce thin — to nano-scale — plant fibers and composite materials based on them. According to the head of the region in the next year the company plans to launch a full-fledged production. Levels of investment were not disclosed. Note that the project is implemented jointly with the Voronezh State University. From a group of them specially created for this purpose of "Efko-HT."

Laboratory building-HT «EFCO-Food Ingredients"
Laboratory building-HT «EFCO-Food Ingredients"
 Photo source:gstatic.com

The group of companies "Efko" — a large vertically integrated company whose main activity is the production and sale of food products. The company produces oil and fat products under the brand names Altero, «Sloboda", "picnic", "feast", "Sunny crown», EFKO FOOD professional, and produces specialized margarines and fats for the food industry. Currently, according to SPARK, shareholders' Efko foods "are Valery Scrubs (28.4%), is Galina Merrey (15%), Eugene Ljashenko (11.9%), Eugene Deinega (8%) and the number of minority shareholders with stakes of less than 5%, but recently FAS satisfied the request of three offshore companies to purchase 100% of the shares of the parent company — JSC "Efko Food."

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