Fears of Dachau — the science of morality is

March 22, 1933 in Dachau began operating the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany. It was the first "testing ground", which was worked out in the system of punishment and other forms of physical and mental harassment of prisoners. In Dachau before the second world war held political opponents of the Nazi regime — first the communists, socialists, clergy, joined the opposition to the regime …

The modern world society condemns any samples from human trials honey character. Now such acts are punishable by angry because the norms of morality and law are not consistent even with safety tests carried out on a person without his personal consent.

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

A column of prisoners of concentration camps Dachau on the march in the Munich suburb of Grünwald, in highway Nördliche Münchner Straße. After the coming of the allied forces the Germans began a general movement of prisoners of concentration camps inland. Thousands of prisoners died on the way — all those who could not walk were shot on the spot. The picture shows the fourth prisoner right — Dmitry slightly bitter, born 08.19.1920 in the village Blagoslovskom, USSR. During the war, he spent 22 months in the concentration camp at Dachau. (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

The trial of the German doctors-killers released gruesome facts about the 10-tyschah framework of tortured prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. The idea of creation sverhvoina came from Hitler for a long time before the start of the second World War. Special camp at Dachau was created in 1933. The territory of more than two hundred was surrounded by 30 hectares of the highest wall of a strong, tightly concealed from the eyes of the ruthless party experiences. Prisoners 1st of the first and most horrific camps were not only Russian. Here Ukrainians died in agony, Austrians, Germans and other prisoners of war and political prisoners.

Initially, the camp was designed to deal with opponents of the Third Reich, it opened a few months after Hitler came to power. As the wardens and the person supervising the work of Dachau, its purpose is to purify the Aryan race from unsafe parts and "genetic impurities." These fascists attributed the Jews, communists and socialists, people with anti-social behavior, including prostitutes, homosexuals, drug addicts, alcoholics, vagrants, on the mental level of sick people, and clergy who oppose the existing government.

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

The bodies of prisoners who died in a train composition on the way to the concentration camp at Dachau. (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

In a small Bavarian town there is a legend that concentration camp was built in the nearby town of punishment residents unanimously expressed support for election candidates against Hitler. The fact that the camp crematorium chimney installed with the wind rose so makarom that the smoke from the burning bodies had to cover the city's streets.

Camp Dachau was located near Munich and included 30 4 separate blocks, barracks. Each of the buildings housed the latest equipment for testing on human beings, and worked graduates spices. Blood was justified by the needs of the craft of medicine, and that offenders are brought before international court conducted a relentless practice for 12 years. Of the two hundred and fifty thousand survived quite a few, some seventy thousand healthy and young people killed psevdovrachi. Now the facts disaster, a point guard for a long period of time outside the walls of Dachau are known not only from the case, and the testimony of survivors.

In the middle of the prisoners were introduced some differences. Thus, the political prisoners have in their own clothes reddish triangles, Jews — yellow, gay — pink, criminals — greenish, etc.. Russian prisoners of war were used as targets for training fighter recruits shooting, and they are often left to breathe at the site, or removed to a crematorium furnace still alive. Hundreds of prisoners were teaching aids for inexperienced students surgery. Healthy prisoners are often punished and tortured, trying to suppress the will and prevent performance and excitement. For punishment in the camp there were particular machines, prisoners are not spared because the barracks were constantly overcrowded.

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

A pile of corpses of prisoners inside the crematorium at Dachau concentration camp. The bodies were discovered 7-servicemen of the U.S. Army. (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

Instructive in this regard, descriptions of life in Anatolia Soybeans Dachau, which became the prisoner of the camp still in adolescence. Hitler has placed increased emphasis on research in the area of abilities of the human body, its aim was to create an invincible army, consisting of a fighter with superhuman abilities. Create Dachau was justified specific tasks clarify the limits of the human body. Prisoners of the camp to select only healthy aged 20 to 45 years, but there have been some special groups of age. Anatoly Soybeans came to the detachment of the test from 14 to 16, created for the creation sverhsoldata. Children also needed to clarify the ability to regulate the growth of the person. But suddenly fell ill and Anatoly entered the block for experiments. In the space provided for this purpose barracks were infected with the rare tropical diseases. Only a surprisingly strong body has permitted the boy to live up to the issuance of drugs. The researchers saw that the baby's immune system is still resisting virus and decided to try it the method of healing, which, fortunately, proved effective.

According to the testimony Soybeans Dachau had a box to monitor the development of tuberculosis, which lay seriously ill people with tubes to drain pus. Doctors intentionally allowed the disease to develop in order to find the antidote, effective in the most critical situation.

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

The soldiers
of the U.S. 42th Infantry Division at the car with the bodies of concentration camp prisoners Dachau (Dachau). (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

From the investigation of the criminal organizers of tests it is clear that behind the wall of Dachau were conducted as tests of new pharmaceuticals and methods of healing, and to investigate the state of the human body under the influence of different reasons environment. Each experience brought guinea merciless torment.

For example, throughout the Russian majestically Dr. Schilling conducted experiments, infecting prisoners malaria. Some of the test subjects died from the disease itself, many of the failures of methods and means of healing. The experiments were merciless Sigismund Rauscher, putting the unfortunate in a pressure chamber with different pressures and changing load, designed to extreme conditions. The subjects were tearing themselves to hair, disfigured face, trying to reduce the pressure, many died, and the survivors came down with the mind. On the doors of the gas chambers installed signs with the words "shower" because the prisoners realized that they are only in the process of the experience itself. In special chambers tested the effects of toxic gases and other toxic substances, studies typically completes autopsy and the fixing of results. Authorities deported on the ill-fated research in universities and laboratories. Himmler, Goering expressed gratitude for such izymatelstva and gained in the process of Roscher results. They are all heavily used for military purposes because of their conduct does not save any money, nor the "human material."

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

The corpse of a prisoner at Dachau concentration camp, the soldiers look for allies in the railway carriage near the camp. (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

Known Rauscher and her research work in the field of freezing people. Ill-fated left in the cold for 10's hours, some times hosed with ice water. It was also a huge number of simulated emergency situations with the immersion test in cold water and lower their body temperature to 28 degrees. Anesthesia is not actually used a physician, since the number of very costly. The victims of the researcher or died during the experiment, or became disabled and later put to death in order to prevent the spread of disk imaging is happening in Dachau. All development was classified, Roscher even asked to move the place of experiments in a more secluded place, as frozen to yell loudly. Doctor proposed use for this Auschwitz, fearing the spread of disk imaging merciless research work in the community and the press. The drugs used as analgesics only under the most horrific tortures and just judgments of secrecy.

In late 1942, the shocking results of research were presented in a confidential report on the discussion of Certified Professionals in Nuremberg. Together with Roshan participated in the organization of tests and doctor Holtslehner Dr. Finke. All involved in the discussion of experts at understanding the wrongfulness of such ruthlessness and appeal to people, but none of them has spoken against it, and did not even touch the subject. Roshan and after doing his research work, which turned only in the late spring of 1943. Holtslehner and Finke abandoned following roles because they felt it inappropriate conduct.

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

The soldiers of the 157th Infantry Regiment of the South American shot of the SS, the German concentration camp of Dachau. In the center of the photo — the calculation 7.62mm machine guns Browning M1919A4. (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

Roshan on orders of Himmler conducted experiments on warming frostbitten, in many of which were immoral practices with the introduction of captive women. The doctor himself was skeptical about the method of "animal heat", but the results of research projects have been successful. Sexual acts that occurred between the ages of guinea during warming also recorded, and the effect of their Rochen compared to the hot tub. An indication of things to prisoners from the medical profession is their requirement to remove the skin from individuals for the upcoming process and its use as a material for the seat, insert objects into clothes. The prisoners were seen as animals. Strictly forbidden to use leather Germans. Unfortunate slaughtered like cattle digested the body and recovered skeletons for creating layouts and nice benefits. An insult to the dead bodies was performed systematically, for like transactions created separate units and even installation.

One of the researchers was Dr. criminal Brahtl, experimented in the functioning of the internal organs and different operations. Unlimited number of prisoners died as a result of taking them in a puncture of the liver, which is also carried out without the use of anesthesia.

In Dachau modeled a variety of actual situations, including getting people into the sea. To determine the capacity of the organism to adapt to salt water of about 10 was placed in the experimental chamber and insulated for 5 days were given only saline water.

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

German concentration camp at Dachau (Dachau), view from the plane. (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

On the release of many prisoners were in charge of themselves. Some of them Gleb Rahr, describes his arrival from Buchenwald other day. According to him, the prisoners are not released for a long time for the camp wall, because there are still battles took place and could become unfortunate victims of the Nazis who sought to kill the witnesses of their own crimes. By the time of the coming of the American troops at Dachau was above 30 thousand prisoners. They were all then taken to their homeland, they also paid large compensation that can hardly compensate for the nightmare he had experienced.

The horrors of Dachau - the science of morality is

Employees of the U.S. military administration are preparing to execute by hanging the German special on tropi
cal medicine Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling (Claus Karl Schilling) — put him down a dark bag. December 13, 1945 Schilling was sentenced to the death penalty on charges of carrying out medical tests on more than 1,000 prisoners Dachau. From injections of malaria deaths from 300 to 400 man, and many of the survivors had suffered irreversible damage to health. (Photo http://waralbum.ru/)

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