Fighter pilots WEST began teaching in Karelia

Flight of the Western Military District (WEST) began maneuvers "Ladoga-2013", which take place in Karelia, told reporters on Monday, deputy chief of the combat training of front-line fighter aircraft and the first of the Air Force and Air Defence, Colonel Sergei Demidenko

"This event is a part of routine training. Relocation was carried out the required number of aircraft (to Karelia) with various airfields in order to take part could all flight crews of the Western Military District," — said Demidenko.

According to him, in the Karelia fighters arrived from Kursk. In training involving aircraft such as the Su-27, MiG-31 and MiG-29. In particular, the Su-27 and MiG-29 taking off from an airfield Besovets in Karelia. The others — from the airfield Khotilovo.

"The fighters will actually apply controlled air attack on a specially prepared heat targets" — added Demidenko.

Doctrine to be held in two phases and in two days, weather permitting, with a reserve of pilots in time to March 28.

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