Finnish scientist: Aliens are interested in cooperation with the Earth

February 9, 2013 13:46


Finnish scientist suggested that the experience of the "cold war" of the U.S. and the Soviet Union to assess the risk of possible conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Janne Korhonen from Aalto University published an article in which he tried to estimate the probability of a possible attack on Earth representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The article also addresses the likelihood whether they want to destroy the Earth by aliens immediately to eliminate the likely competitors.

According to scientists, representatives of other civilizations have mastered the other planetary systems other than their own, will be guided more by personal benefits, that is not to destroy the Earth. Positive aspects of the intergalactic cooperation should be assessed higher risk, so it is unlikely aliens will aggressively disposed toward us.

"Odnoplanetnye" a civilization such as ours, with the possible contact may be in roles similar to the positions of the U.S. and the USSR during the "cold war." As you know, at that time, the representatives of both parties were hesitant on the first beat, so it was fraught with mutual destruction States.

According to the author, even if at the beginning of the process of establishing contact "go to work", you need to rely on rational thinking of decision-makers. The scientist said he hoped that the representatives of both parties are responsible for making important decisions, "will seek to avoid unprovoked attacks, because absolutely ensure their success is extremely difficult."

Based on these arguments, the author comes to the conclusion that the clash of civilizations in the interstellar medium are rare.

Janne Korhonen also claims that the projects interstellar missions and missions while to be considered with great caution.

After all, a fact that humans technology permit, aliens can be seen as a threat.

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