Five questions to Professor Chernobyl pear

Eugene Krestovskiy

We talked a little cafe on the square of Minsk Victory Stele of the very and eternal fire, which became a symbol of the city and the whole of the republic too. My companion flew to Berlin to see his granddaughter Sonya, who recently was born and which he has not seen. It is clear that on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster it could be just about this tragic event, more about us, about the people who lived through it. However, experienced?

— More than twenty years you have given Chernobyl Affairs: organized protests, collected large international congresses, created throughout Belarus dozens of civic initiatives. Finally, a large-scale humanitarian assistance to the victims of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant — is also your merit! And now, 25 years after the disaster, can we say that it has successfully overcome the consequences?

— Rather no than yes! Of course, the power of broadcasting false, in my view, optimism, declares the full rehabilitation of areas, removes items from the budget of Chernobyl, terminates aid to people affected by the accident … But when you remember the many victims, burned villages, tens of thousands of people who lost their health and permanently disabled, the extinction of the nation — you know that we still oh so far from the real healing.

— In that case, can we say that our society is, unfortunately, has not learned the lessons of Chernobyl and gradually forgot about the crash? Or, more precisely, the people "helped" to forget about her?

— More likely than not! Listen to the official propaganda, which for years go on about the fact that we are not in danger. For the state, this is not important to remind the public of the dangers of radiation to control the levels of contamination, do public domain terrible health statistics to teach people to the west security, that is to remind you that any nuclear power plant — this is a very serious threat to man and mankind.

It becomes scary when you learn how to care receives a poisoned state propaganda society tragic events in Japan, as people are indifferent to build its own reactor Ostrovetskaya site is not the most secure in Belarus and understand — no, society these terrible lessons not learned.

— Tell me, Professor, do long-term international humanitarian aid to victims of man-made disaster in Belarus has not made our people more humane, sensitive to the suffering of others, ready, if necessary, to the mass actions of solidarity?

— Rather no than yes! When you look like masses obediently respond to the initiatives of the "top" kind of companies to raise funds for the construction of stadiums populist projects, palaces, libraries, as crowds come into Belarusian Republican Youth Union, White Russia, and so on, you might think that we are very active. But our solidarity, as a rule, does not pass the boundaries of certain power. Learn to do good to the call of conscience, even if the state against, we are not yet able, because the power is too cruel revenge.

— It turns out that in such conditions a quarter century of Chernobyl tests failed to bring together our svobodomyslennye democratic circles with Belarusian civil society?

— More likely than not! The two sides have not learned to speak the same post-Chernobyl whiteRussian language. At the time of closest approach between the two wedged usezdushalnaya dictatorial power. Destroyed everything that stood in his way. Population bribed and intimidated, harassed and killed opponents! The desire to survive after the Chernobyl disaster, which united all the people, the desire to survive in the changed conditions of the dictatorship in itself. Democrats have been grouped in a ghetto, and the population has adapted to the current regime, who as I could. Hear each other harder and harder. Chernobyl has ceased to unite them, unfortunately. But it is, nevertheless, not our fault, and our common misfortune! You'll see, we'll unite and win!

— Then the last question. Are we, the citizens of this country, stronger, wiser and better? Are we able to choose their own path, protect your home, protect yourself and your family, their rights and their dignity?

— Unfortunately, judging by what is happening in our country — no! So, we are waiting for new catastrophes, new challenges and new victims. But the main invoice will be issued to those who ruled us today!


Gennady Pear, founder and director of the International Charitable Foundation "Children of Chernobyl", the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus of the 12th and 13th convocation, Ph.D., professor

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