Flight tactical exercise held in the TSB

Today, the air base of the Eastern Military District (OIE), stationed in the Khabarovsk region, led by the commander of the Guards Colonel Alexander connection Duplinsky began conducting flight tactical exercise (LUT) with units of bombers. The teaching is conducted in accordance with the plan of troops TSB and includes theoretical and practical phases, the press service of the TSB. During the practical phase of the crews of bombers Su-24 will perform a tactical flight mission in the unit to make a maneuver for evading fighter conventional enemy, to make bombing at various targets on the range and landing on an unfamiliar airport. Draws on the teachings of the entire flight and engineering staff of the air base units, as well as specialists logistics and communications.

The main objectives are to improve the LTU flight crews natrenirovannosti skills and combat use of bombers in the winter, as well as improving the professional skills of young pilots. In February of this year, flying tactical exercises will also be held in other air connections TSB.

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