Flight tests of the Electro-L

Specialists of the Central Operational Control hydrometeorological space complex "Electro-L" NPO. SA Lavochkin completed testing modes and complete sets of service systems of the spacecraft in accordance with the flight test program. As part of the ongoing work of the target hardware. All systems are functioning normally.

"Electro-L" — a new-generation satellite, which is designed for the analysis of hydrometric and geophysical conditions in near-Earth space.
According to experts, this is the first device of this class in Russia.
Despite the fact that in Europe and the United States similar satellites were launched a few years ago, the characteristics of "Electro-L" dramatically different on a number of criteria, experts say.

The Russian satellite "Electro-L"

Examples of images obtained from satellite "Electro-L" in various spectral bands (image taken from the website of the Scientific Center for Earth Operative Monitoring)

At present, work is underway to improve the quality of the images using ground software and hardware. The preparation for the transfer of management of the spacecraft "Electro-L" MCC-M TsNIIMash.

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