Flight tests of the ICA FKI Zond-PP ‘coming to an end

Experts FSUE "NPO. SA Lavochkin "complete work on the implementation of the first phase of the flight test program ICA-FCI (PN1)" Zond-PP. " The device operates in the normal mode, all on-board systems are intact and fulfill their functional tasks.

Is currently under testing of the functioning of the target hardware MCA "Zond-PP" — two-channel L-band radiometer. Produced planning shooting, discharge and treatment of the target information. Regularly solicited from IRE RAS (Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics. Kotelnikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences), according to which the recording at the surface of the Earth. Target equipment is being calibrated and debug software developed IRE RAS, for the treatment of the target information.

The analysis of the data carried out by specialists IRE RAS, said the high quality of target information and suitability for further thematic processing. In the images in pseudocolor on the results of measurements of the "Zond-PP" in the period from 24 to 30 September 2012. clearly visible characteristics of sea ice. In particular stand out zone and multi-year ice near Antarctica, continental multi-year ice and first-year ice.

Along with the radiometric information in IRE RAS also transmitted data chetyrehzonalnoy multispectral camera mounted on the MCA-FCI (PN1) "Zond-PP" for the comparison of video and radiometric data.

Multispectral camera (optional payload) works in four areas of the visible spectrum: red, green, blue and near-infrared range. Now the camera is functioning nominally and successfully conveys scientific information, the data are processed to produce research results. In the near future scheduled calibration of multispectral camera by the stars.

Photogrammetric block — one extra payload installed on MCA "Zond-PP", works without problems. Images with him constantly to the earth. With the help of this device is the development of advanced flying star sensors that will be used in subsequent articles NPO. SA Lavochkin, in particular, in the project "Resonance".

Hyperspectrometer (GSK, 150 spectral channels) — a new domestic development, which also takes flight qualification on a small spacecraft "Zond-PP."

Confirmed features hyperspectrometer allow to solve a number of problems of remote sensing, such as:
— breed and age classification of forests;
— biological condition of forests;

— assessment of agricultural projects;
— detection of narcotic plants landings;
— assess the level of hydrocarbon contamination earth's surface;
— assessment of the ecological status of water bodies;
— assessment of contamination of coastline and coastal waters.

According to the chief designer of OCD "ICA-FCI" Sergei Alexandrovich Nemikina, for all the flight tests conducted more than 850 sessions with the spacecraft, and only one passed with minor comments. This indicates that the command-measuring station Bear Lakes of "OKB MEI" and the onboard radio work with the highest quality and reliability. The technology for unicast satellite control.

Summing up the first phase of flight tests of the project ICA-FCI (PN1) "Zond-PP," it may be noted that all planned procedures carried out successfully, the device meets the stated specifications and successfully copes with its tasks.

"Zond-PP" — the first device in a series of small spacecraft on its base is made a whole line of small spacecraft. The satellite was built on the platform "Karat". The main purpose of the ICA-FCI (PN1) — the tasks for the development of radio-physical methods of remote sensing (RS) of space in perspective decimeter range of electromagnetic waves for the study of physical phenomena and processes in the atmosphere-land surface.

The illustrations — Pseudocolor images from measurements of "Zond-PP" for the week (08-13.10.2012 g). and images from hyperspectrometer.


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