For nepapyarezhanne terrorist attack — as much as for access to the area?

The police, who "viewed the attack" can atyrymats from two to five years — which is comparable to the punishment of citizens for access to the area. As a result of the events in the Square was broken glass in a government building in a suicide attack killed 14 people, injured dozens.

Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov told journalists today that the case of the attack on April 11 is not only an estimate of the evidence already collected, but also the search for additional evidence. According to the minister, appointed a number of examinations: forensic, biological, chemical and engineering. Kuleshov nothing tocould say of the date when the case will go to court.

According to the minister, after the official investigation and criminal proceedings against the police officers: "The case of the case of negligence against members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the explosion was possible, why they did not warn him."

Article 428 of the Criminal Code
"Negligence (" negligence ")":

"Failure to perform or improper performance of their official duties as a result of fraudulent or indifference to the service, which resulted in the death of a person through negligence or other grave consequences, or the illegal disposal or destruction of state property (…) shall be punishable by restraint of liberty for a term of two to five years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities, or imprisonment for up to five years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities. "

Meanwhile, Details about the perpetrators of terrorist acts, which can be traced, give reason to ask questions not only about the inaction of the police, but the security services. So, already known for its experience regarding performers attack the Russian resource Life News reported that the security forces for several years followed the family of one of the suspects in the attack in the Minsk metro.

As told Life News source in law enforcement agencies of Belarus, at the KGB "was a great record." His collected more after the explosion in Minsk 2008. Then the suspect's father was suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack. And drew attention to his son. Security officials were aware of the fact that the young man almost all my free time spent on the production of pyrotechnics and experiments with explosives. But for some reason no one bothered him.

According to the source, the suspect in the attack on a police record was never found. "For him constantly looked after, it is. Apparently, its just time to let out of sight, and he had time to realize his plan, — the source publication. — As soon as the experts who worked on the site of the terrorist attack in Minsk subway, and found that an improvised explosive device was packed with valves and had clockwork, the KGB immediately reminded of the family of Vitebsk: the son of a chemist and father, a watchmaker. "

Why, with so long and tracking large files secret services did nothing to prevent terrorist attacks and the security of citizens? BelaPAN that is requested on the answer to the KGB reports that there declined to comment.

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