Forest breeding and seed center opened near Voronezh

Opened at Voronezh forest selection and seed center will allow for five years to restore the burned in 2010, planted forests in the region.


The federal program of reforestation after fires in 2010 in the Voronezh region in August 2011, the company began construction of the "Forest breeding and seed production center" (LSSTS).

The main purpose of its creation — the problem to improve the quality of saplings grown and the production of high-quality seed material: pine and English oak. Construction LSSTS was conducted at the expense of the federal budget with the assistance of the regional budget. The project cost will be around 353.6 million rubles. A full cycle of the production line center includes procurement, processing pine cones, seed storage and retrieval, as well as the commercial cultivation of seedlings. At full production capacity of the center will be able to grow 4.4 million pieces of pine seedlings, 1.3 million pieces of oak seedlings, harvest and process 200 tons of pine cones, seed to harvest 6.2 tons of oak and pine seeds 2 tons.

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