Forest district of Voronezh region received new equipment

In order to update and staffing of fire extinguishing agents from the regional budget allocated funds for the purchase of five MTZ-82 tractors with plows PKL-70, three small forest patrol complexes and three off-road vehicles for forest protection.

Head of the Department of GI Fediunin and the head of the Voronezh forest fire center Tushino KD handed the keys to the tractor and forest patrol cars representatives of eight forestry area. First of all they got Somovskaya, Novousmansky and Semiluksky forest, located in the suburban area of Voronezh, which is the most dangerous to fire on.

Due to the abnormal weather conditions in the Voronezh region remains difficult fire situation. On most of the territory of the fixed fourth grade are burning in the east region — fifth grade — the extreme fire danger.

In the forests of a regime restrictions on entry and entry into the forest, a ban on fires. The main event of fire, allowing to prevent the spread of forest fires, is the creation of mineralized bands. From the beginning, the forestry sector has created more than 700 km of the bands at the annual plan of 1200 km. To perform this work, there must be sufficient vysokoprohodimoy technology.

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