Foresters Komi got new cars

December 25, Syktyvkar ceremony was held 16 forest patrol car forest areas in the region.  

As noted, the deterioration of equipment, which is on the balance sheet of the Forest Service, is quite high, so the government has gone the way of Komi significant fleet renewal, and this work will continue over the next three years. Equipment will be procured under the program "Development of Forestry." 
According to the deputy head of the Committee of forests Ruslan Ulyanov, over four years for the purchase of vehicles will spend about 40 million rubles. 

"The plans — to return the fleet to the state that was a few years ago, when each forest district has been able to patrol their territory by car — said R. Ulyanov. — Four years later, in our four state inspectors should be one car. And by 2020, transport must already be in each district forestry. " 

  Keys foresters from the new technology presented Vyacheslav Gaiser.

"I hope the technique will help in fulfilling your duties — said the governor. — This is a common line, which we will hold for all of our services, ministries and departments as well as without a decent upgrade to enforce the base of a good quality of their duties, of course is meaningless. "

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