Forestry operations Mykolayiv strengthen economic situation due to the exotic


Forestry operations Mykolayiv 18 percent exceeded the annual plan for the implementation of its products. Instead of the planned 7.7 million hryvnia, has received more than 9 million hryvnia. One of the reasons — expansion of services and the introduction of exotic types of services. The main activity is the implementation of forestry forest products, especially Christmas trees, forestry and in the past year, has grown up and realized the 60 species of exotic trees and shrubs. These products, along with the kind of services like landscape design, is now in great demand among consumers. In addition, forestry workers engaged in the cultivation and marketing of medicinal herbs, have a recreational and tourist services. During the year, about 15,000 of Nikolaev and guests tried this kind of leisure as forest tourism.

Thanks to strong economic performance, the level of the average wage of workers in the field of forestry companies over the past year increased by more than a quarter and amounted to 2,000 thousand UAH

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