Former Defense Minister will speak at the hearings on aliens

February 13, 2013 21:07

Paul Helle, who held the post of Minister of National Defence and the Prime Minister's assistant, will perform in Toronto at a public hearing on the issue of extraterrestrials.

Former Defense Minister will speak at the hearings on aliens

Paul Hello, Minister of National Security of the Government of Leicester B.Pirsona and Assistant to the Prime Minister in the government of Pierre Trudeau, will speak at the public hearing on the aliens in Toronto. This event is preceded by "Public hearing on disclosure" provocative Senate hearings about aliens, to be held in Washington in April. Helle made in the rules and talk about how he came to his belief in aliens.

In the role of the Minister of Defense, he received numerous "reports of unidentified flying objects," most of whom, he said, were clearly identified as a natural phenomenon.

"But I personally think that not all of these people are lying," he says. And in September 2005, he began to talk about the issue.

According to Hell, it caused the surprised looks, but his good reputation would not let anything happen to very negative. Helle is an open discussion about aliens, including the prospect of ridding humanity's dependence on fossil fuels thanks to the free energy derived from aliens.

"I believe that this technology is already present on the Earth, but it is kept secret, so that the oil industry bigwigs could get their trillions of dollars," he says.

Canadian conspiracies

The United States are fixed at several different conspiracy theories, from the assassination of John F. Kennedy and ending search for the truth about the events of September 9.

In Canada, not so extensive history of conspiracy theories, both in the United States, but it has its moments stand out:

Project Magnet

Short-term government program under the Ministry of Transport, held in early 1950 and dedicated to the study of UFO technology. The data that has been established as a result of this project were unclear. Wilbur Smith, the chief engineer of the project, in the words of Paul Helle, gave the conclusion that UFOs do not only exist, but also that their goals and motives are unknown, but the topic itself is very secret and under the scrutiny of the U.S. government.


U.S. Department of Defense issued a warning about Canadian coins with a built-in transceiver, allegedly issued by U.S. suppliers with access to classified projects in 2005 and 2006. The agency «Associated Press» found that these alleged bugs were just coins with painted red poppies, issued by the Canadian Mint in 2004, but some U.S. contractors have decided that it is a hidden transmitters, and reported their suspicions to the authorities.

Avro Arrows

Theories about secret aircraft program "Arrow Avro» abound, including assumptions as to why the government Difenbeykera rolled aerospace program in 1959, and that one aircraft was able to avoid an order for destruction. «Arrow Recovery Canada» — one of the groups who are looking for nine secret aircraft allegedly dumped at the bottom of Lake Ontario. This month, the leading diver Marlene Smith said «London Community News», that they have a "very close" to their discovery.

Mass killings of Inuit sled dogs

Perhaps one of the saddest stories show that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police systematically killing of sled dogs in the program of assimilation, held in 1950, and 60 years for resettlement of Inuit in the city. Representatives Mounted Police claim that its officers had to kill the dogs, suffering from hunger, disease or danger to humans, but because of the language barrier their motives were often difficult to explain to the indigenous Inuit.

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