Found Gate of the Gods: The portal Aram Moore

May 10, 2012 12:24

Bring to your attention a very interesting article about the current portal to another world.

Not so long ago in South America researchers managed to make a finding that its significance incomparable. The fact that the researchers found that is a very important sacred and historical value. On the detected object can be accessed only on the relevant resolution of the Government of a country like Peru. Any other way is simply impossible.

Scientists have managed to find so-called "Gate of the Gods." Thus, some scientific discoveries have tremendous value, which is simply no price in cash. Actually this is true of the object, which was discovered at the beginning of 1996. This finding could dramatically change the perception of the modern world and the world. Moreover, it is able to demonstrate that life on earth is but a very small part of being human.

"The Gate of the Gods" is located near the Peruvian town called Puno, about 35 kilometers away. In appearance — is the huge doors, carved into the rock, which reaches a width of 7 meters and a height of about 2 meters. In the center of the door opening is circular, which is most likely used to be something of a locked slot.

Earlier, before the discovery of the gate, the pilots who had to fly over them, noticed a very strange structures in the rocks. But almost as soon as the "Gateway of the Gods" to open officially, it was reported that in the rock, full of secrets and mysteries, has his secret servants. It is out of their mouth, scientists were able to find a very interesting legend.

In particular, the ministers told that the gates of the Gods is a great treasure of the Inca civilization. Through them, the most talented heroes of this civilization have found the "way of the gods" in the best of worlds. Heroes were, many of them never returned, and those who returned and became a very intelligent and distinguished such knowledge, which could not even dream of mere mortals.

After a series of studies, the researchers found that the ancient Maya civilization spoke of Gate of the Gods in some of its legends. Most of all in the plan worked researcher named Qatar Mamani.

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