Four air defense radar «all-altitude detector» entered service

Four air defense radar
TSAMTO, July 1. Four air defense radar «all-altitude detector» entered service Troops Aerospace Defense (ASD). It is expected that after the system alert these radar «closed down» airy place in Moscow from 4 directions, reports «RIA Novosti».

As said June 29 deputy commander for air defense EKR Major General Kirill Makarov on the 60th anniversary of the 5th Brigade defense, «These funds allow us to find intelligence aerial targets, including cruise missiles at long range. Their implementation will allow time to find and reflect enemy air strike if necessary, «- said the agency.

According to him, the new radar in the next 5 years will be equipped all of the Air and Missile Defense Command, transfers «RIA Novosti».

K.Makarov stressed that the main task of command — is the defense of Moscow and the Central industrial region of the country, cover objects senior municipal and military authorities, industry and energy, groups of armed forces and transport communications from the blows of the aerospace space.

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