Four-consciousness — is the Vedic knowledge

November 29, 2011 20:20

Four-consciousness - is the Vedic knowledgeCommon man perceives his existence in time is rather strange way.
For example, the vast majority of people in the past appears to have vanished object. No longer exists. At the same time, and the future seems to be something like — people are convinced that the future is not.
So consciousness is developed in a world where there are three full dimensions — length, width and height.
"Complete" in the sense that we can freely navigate through these changes depending on our will. Not difficult to verify, it is enough to bury his nose in every corner of the room, and even on the ceiling if you want.

 At the same time — that's what's important — we do not think that the ceiling exists only when we touch it with his hand. We do not think the keyboard disappear as soon as our contact with them in space ends.
However, with time — it is indeed the case. Movement in time for us characterized by the fact that objects appear only at some point "now."
P. Assumption arguing about these features of perception, a way of results:
The man who goes from one city to enter a couple of days in the other.
Following the logic that the object disappears as soon as we end the call with him, our traveler must think, though, and the city from which he left turns to dust as soon as out of sight.
And at the same time, about a city where he was going, our hero, he has to think of the city does not yet exist. That it arises only when the traveler enters into it.
The absurdity of such thinking is clear to anyone who is able to take off the ground and see the ad in co-existence and the first and second city and the traveler who comes between them.
To do this, you just need to be able to fly — ie provided at any point in three-dimensional space. We can and because we have no doubt of the existence of other cities, where there is no bore. (Or someone you do encounter such doubts?)
Quite the same reasoning could be about time. If our consciousness was able to apprehend the fullness of time measurement, we would see that our past and future exist simultaneously, as a city in space.
Range of vision expands gradually and one begins to see a little further back and forth. In this case, the past and the future are one structure with a very strong internal bonds. That is, in principle it is possible to see the past and future at once.
Gradually opens, we just unlucky travelers from one state to another over time. The world is there at all times at once. At least the form of the world, which opened gradually evolving consciousness.
At this stage, the world is manifest in the — future rigidly predetermined. This is how karma — frame four-dimensional world, seen as a cut, as the boundary of which is not being four-dimensional world.
Such a view implies that there is no sense worrying about what will happen — it will be exactly what is necessary for a person to karma. And there's nothing the average person can not fundamentally change anything but their own perception of what is happening, their reactions, evaluations, conclusions, zhelaniy.Tut should cultivate acceptance, joy of life, gratitude, etc.
That is, even developed his vision of the world to four dimensions, even as a man who sees who came from avididi actually a prophet, a man is still conditioned by karma.
And if the prophets so, that alone we have something to talk about. (Prophets is just what people who know the fourth dimension.) And everyone inevitably gets what he should get, because all this way conditionality emerged at the time of birth as a given — all of which we are destined to live has been built.
Karma for the four-consciousness is the same five-tail world, as time is the tail of the fourth dimension in the world of "three to one-third" — ie only the present, where we are.
Question of changing the karma of birth for the person inside the incarnation should not by definition. And already manifest and too few measurements.
And if the consciousness of "three and a third" — consciousness of an ignorant man, a sample of four-dimensional consciousness of the spiritual state to which you want to reach.
And then come into effect the ideas of law, humility, acceptance of all that is happening, etc.
Because everything is predetermined, then you just need to live well, and after death, all would be even better. This Old Testament knowledge, this — vedichskoe knowledge etc.
With this level astrology works, and by the three-dimensional condition of the vast majority of people — astrology with built-in four-dimensional view of the world it is more than efficient.
That is, at least, a man of the world should work on the quality of your consciousness, your karma, so in the next incarnation … The idea is clear, traditional and important to us here otherwise.
It is important that the model accurately describes a person who lives in time.
And then you need to understand that when we say the phrase "eternal man", we're really talking about at least — the five-dimensional structure of man, that is, On the one situation where karma manifests as well-all holistically, as a distributed and fully manifested in the totality of eternity.
And, here, only a person who lives according to the laws of eternity, a five-dimensional man is able to change the karma predetermination.
Definitely here to say something very simple. This quality consciousness have one. These were the realization of Buddha, Jesus, etc.
And that, until such time as they are due to three-dimensional body, their ability to manifest only in part.
These creatures do not need the ability to predict the future. This is the inheritance of the prophets-chetyrehmernikov. Pyatimerniki know that conditionality karma — the property can be changed, that the world at the same time due to hard and then — the maximum is fluid — it is created the way it sees people. But for people who live in the dimension of "three and one-third" almost does not fit the idea. They have yet to reach four-dimensionality.

Often complain that one tradition, however, is not able to develop, say, pushing all the new people rob themselves.
Extensive topic, but in this article — a few words about the theoretical, so to speak, part of the question.
Two contradictory statements is in their totality define our lives in this world.
One argument says that in the moment of birth we are fully predetermine our lives since the very first moment, the beginning of the event involves a certain his final, and all that will lead to that end. In other words, in this thesis we deal with absolute predestination of each of our steps.
This, in fact, is built astrological knowledge, at least — the most common form of this knowledge. Anyway, this is connected with the ritual, ceremonial magic, etc.
Another thesis declares the fundamental uncertainty, fluidity, volatility in the so-called reality of every act, thought — literally from every eye. And in this approach — we travel to almost all the infinite reality of the new branching and new features.
It is a natural magism, fascinating, but often infinite in newer and new transformations, with no end in knowledge and meaning — because opportunities are more and more in the process.
We find it difficult to accept this riot of possibilities, but very tempting, though — because in this case there is nothing that could determine the end of us.
But the real challenge for us in another — you need to take a both statements, not as mutually exclusive, but rather — as impossible without the other.
We can say that this ability is a tradition that can occur in a person. The fact is that trying on two opposite statements only measurement of Eternity. And traditions — is the knowledge that shaped the worlds where the dimension of eternity exists along with the Point, direction, volume and time.
It is easy to relate to the development of consciousness in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms.
Time — the fourth dimension of the dimension to which we touch only in part, not seeing it as a spatial dimension, and accepting it only at the point of intersection, the reality is lived "here and now". We have already talked about it once in the first part.
We can say that full human consciousness, we reach a time when we understand time as the measurement and begin to see any object in this dimension in all its length of time — from creation, to dissolve.
This ability of people approach gradually, and by the way, the experience of aging and death, they need in particular for the development of this ability — the vision of time. This is one of the reasons why the idea of a significant extension of life by means of civilization simply harmful.
The completeness of the fourth dimension is achievable for curators kind inhabitants of heaven Iria — Golden Castle. In other words — for the demigods — they are called in different ways.
We can say that it is not free, but implemented as part of the world people.
As for the dimension of eternity, it is not knowable in the world in which we have today is the world of the five dimensions that habitually relate to the world of the gods.
Just because tradition — the ability to see both freedom and predestination — the level of consciousness, which can hardly be achievable for most of us in the human body.
Tradition therefore universal for those who are born in the world that completely surrounds and penetrates it and in principle — is a universal knowledge which is revealed to each of us individually, to the exclusive, unique for each form that can never be transferred to another without distortion.
Just because we do not speak the language — without sound, without signs, without any form and duration of the communication. It is always there, but it is never possible to show someone else.
In this sense, tradition — always eludes us, and at the same time is the only possible way for development.
It is given in various forms, but the main way of its manifestation — Traditional way of life, which gradually, by age disclosed to properties and plots of time, making more and more clear past experiences incarnations. They become visible to humans when it begins to take at least this life in its entirety, without breaks in pieces taken and not.
Tradition is always updated with all the time is unchanged.
And with that need nauchitsya live.

Oleg Borovik

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