French drones «Harfang» made in Mali 100 sorties

French drones
PARIS, June 13. (ARMS-TASS). French unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) «Harfang» (Harfang) in Mali made 100 sorties over 1600 hours duration. This was said to the French Air Force. Rich use of these devices due to the expansion of their introduction in Mali to support ground troops in Operation «Serval» (Serval). In Mali, in January of this year the units of service UAV «Harfang» previously used in operations in Afghanistan and Libya.

As the French Defense Ministry said, the use of UAVs in Mali started in January this year. Crews UAV operators «Harfang» and ground technicians are part of the squadron 1/33 «Belfort» (Belfort), which carried out the first flight over Mali January 17, 2013

In Mali, the French UAVs provide support for ground troops. Information from the UAV enters the commanders of ground units, providing them with a good situational awareness on the Malian theater. UAVs are also interaction with the aircraft the Air Force and the French Navy, operating over the territory of Mali. On board the UAV mounted laser designators, by which to light ground targets and guidance on their precision munitions discharged from French aircraft, including reconnaissance aircraft and electronic intelligence of the French Navy «Atlantic».

UAV flights make funny day and NIGHT MODE duration greater than 20 hours.

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