Frogs — not only for the bride Ivanushki, but 200 was a delicious fillet,

NPF "Armada" (Astrakhan).
For the first time in Russia in cooperation with the agricultural collective farm East of the Astrakhan region has developed specifications for growing and processing of food species of frogs Rana ridibunda

and the production of frog legs. Types of products: a live frog (Rana ridibunda) weighing 50-1250 g frozen frogs' legs (limbs) weighing 6-8 g (7-12 pairs per pound) turtle living, meat from shell turtles, turtle meat without the shell.


Currently, the company carries out scientific research under the supervision of the Deputy Director for Science NPF "Armada" prof. Dr. Sal'nikova NE on the cultivation of giant freshwater prawn

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