Fyaduta: Psychological I was prepared for prison, physically — much worse

Michas Scoble"Alexander, you have not personally been on the Square, however, almost three and a half months spent in custody. What was your fault that you, by the way, do not deny it? "

Alexander Fyaduta"I was charged with an offense under article 342 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus — the action that caused the riots. What does this mean? Prior to December 19, I wrote an address to the then Prime Minister of Belarus and offered to take it to the Government House. I understand that this was the reason that all people with the October move toward Independence Square, which caused interference to public transport, and also led to the fact that a number of institutions, particularly McDonald's, have suspended their work. In fact, as an adult, with this charge I have to agree. From this, I can not refuse. But, sorry, I can not agree about what the country's main newspaper wrote and spoke about what the Belarusian television — about my participation in the creation of a spy network, the fact that I am the chief financial officer of the company. All this nonsense! "

Scoble"At that time when you were already in the KGB detention center, on BT was shown the film" Iron Glass, "and it sounded your voice. It's a fake? "

Fyaduta"No, it's really my voice. On the evening of December 19, I did call Olga Neklyaeva. Fact is that at some point (and I was at the headquarters of Neklyaeva), I looked online and found out that the delegation had yet gone at Government House. I do not know what broke the windows, and this, incidentally, confirmed the investigation. because I realized that the petition yet suffered, despite the fact that Neklyaeva the square was not. And I found it necessary to inform Vladimir Prokofyevich the only way that was available to me. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, as is now becoming clear, Olga V. is not clear at all what I said to her. I understand her condition, she was in the hospital with severely hit by her husband. "

Scoble"From your interviews after his release remand appears not so frightening. Guards (you call them supervisors) are strict, but careful, double camera you took one, work on a book of memoirs — a house of creativity, rather than prison. Your testimony is very different than the other prisoners. How can you explain this? "

Fyaduta"You know, I was sitting in the four chambers. In one of them I was after Mr. Sannikov went from there, he was transferred to another cell. In the second I sat after Anatoly Lebedko. To me and there and there and then, when I was sitting in solitary confinement, were the same as the other. I mean the relationship supervisors, by the way, the controller — this post, it is the official name. NOT guard and supervisor, one who controls me as a prisoner: leads for questioning, brings lunch, if necessary, give medicine. "

Scoble"Or put upon you during the investigation, the physical impact?"

I am conscious politician, I go into this risk and should be prepared for such tests.

Fyaduta"Excessive physical effects that could be called a torture for me not to turn out. I lived in those conditions in which they lived my cellmates. Someone lived for two months, one month, six months, one. And I'm an adult male had to endure this. Besides, I am a conscious policy, I get into this risk and should be prepared for such tests. Psychologically, I was prepared, physically — is far worse. Despite this, I survived, and I just do not understand why my younger colleagues call the prison conditions of torture. Sorry, guys, and I was standing on the very rastsyazhtsy ten minutes I stood. However, once I became ill in the fourth minute, but I still do not see it as torture. "

Scoble"Soon to be held court. You're not afraid to go back to jail? After all, it may no longer be the KGB detention center. "

Fyaduta"There are some differences in the situation. In the KGB jail I do not know what will happen to me, I did not know what the sentence is waiting for me to come. And it really was, to my mind, a means of psychological pressure. I emphasize — not physical, but mental impact. And after the trial, when the actual time, I'll know how much I have to sit out. I'll know if I can legally file a complaint in order to let me out early, etc. It is much easier. "

Scoble"You people pretty kamunikabelny, and now — four walls, you are one-on-one" with singles like a coffin, "as written Larisa Heniyush. By the way, in 1948, a few months she was in that same prison. What do you miss most in the conclusion? "

Fyaduta"There was not enough hot water the most, to which there limitations. I do not mean to make hot water and drink tea or coffee. Then I just got used to a certain mode. But the opportunity to go to the bathroom only once a week — that it really was torture for me. "

Scoble"In the" Five Books of Liberty "you call those books that you do not have enough behind bars. Among them are works of Vladimir Neklyaeva, Alexei Karpyuk, Ales Navarich … Experienced Polish prisoner Lukishak Maxim Tank wrote in his diaries that he could write his prison any literary magazine. And what people are forced to read in the KGB detention center? "

Fyaduta"The first book I saw in the camera, when there came in, was Anatoly Rybakov's novel" Thirty-five other years. " In the second chamber, where I was taken, there was a book of Vasily Grossman's "Life and Fate". As you can imagine, this is not a primer, which has a good effect on your mental state at the time of questioning. The cells have many cheap detective, for example, Andriy Voronin. I was told that women are given to read romance novels. As a leader joked jail, a form of torture that has been provided in respect of Mrs. Anastasia Palazhanka is to give it a read women's romance novels … And I could twice a month to order any book. I bought them for the list in the Central bookstore. Of course, at my expense. "

Scoble"Did not have a library in jail?"

Let's put the Belarusian library for the KGB detention center.

Fyaduta: "The library is, it is small, it takes a room. But in a bad condition, I do not know. Anastasia Palazhanka offered their services, would like to make a directory. She was not allowed. In fact, it turns out that "the first hut is changing with the second." I think that good books there is not enough, especially now, when in the detention center were Belarusian-speaking people. Paul Seviarynets and now there is, and used to be Vitaly Rymashevski, Nyaklyayeu, the same Palazhanka. There was a very good share, a prisoner handed a card. I suggest one more action. Let's put the Belarusian library for the KGB detention center. If anyone in the audience of "Freedom" will respond to my proposal, even turn on my blog. Collect a couple of dozen good books Belarusian would be helpful. "

Scoble"A valid idea, apparently, Belarusian-language readers to the library will still be … Perhaps you should refer to our well-known writers who have inscribed their books. I suddenly thought that Yakub Kolas his book would inscriptions like: "I love the Minsk prison — wrote in the" New Earth … "

Fyaduta"I think many people would sign Valentin Tavlay, Vladimir Dubovka, Larissa An
tonovna Heniyush … By the way, I was very excited when I received a letter from one of his friend in an envelope with a picture Heniyush. Even wrote a poem in a chamber called "envelope with a picture of Larissa."

Scoble"Alexander, after the attack on April 11 in Minsk subway most pressing issue for the Belarusian society continues to terrorism. From what has been said about that tragic event to me the most memorable utterance of People's Artist of Belarus Gennady Ovsyannikova. He said that we all forgot the words of Maxim Gorky: "If the enemy does not surrender, he must be destroyed." And it is necessary, they say, to remember those words and apply in practice. As you can answer a famous actor? "

Fyaduta"I would advise Mr. Ovsyannikova go to the library (not necessarily in the KGB detention center library) and take off the shelf that Vladislav Dove. Read and remember the fate of the creator of the Belarusian theater. After that, perhaps, Mr. Ovsyannikov will be slightly different attitude to the words of Gorky. Through the grief that struck our country, past and Spain, and Belgium, and Russia, and nowhere is the word "destroy" might sound. He could hear another, "Let's see, what should I do to this will not happen again." I'm not ashamed for Mr. Ovsyannikova he an old man who remembers the days when the words were relevant Gorky.

I am ashamed and gentlemen Davydko Musienko calling for use of the situation after the terrorist attack to deal with the opposition.

I am ashamed and gentlemen Davydko Musienko calling for use of the situation after the terrorist attack to deal with the opposition. Shame on you, gentlemen! You still intellectuals. "

Scoble"All last week, was in search of possible organizers of the attack. Refers to the atmosphere in their families and the workforce, there are opinions that the opposition will affect them. And I among the "organizers" is seen as a time television — and the Belarusian and Russian. I once watched a TV program carefully. On the day falls 5-7 Criminal series, where — murders, bombings, victims. And some young man with a fragile psyche naglyaditstsa and ask myself the question Raskolnikov: "I'm trembling creature or have the right?". What we need to change in society to such questions no one ever come to mind? "

Fyaduta"The complex syndrome or Raskolnikov, unfortunately, occurs in the minds regardless of the condition of the society. As for the television … When I was on Feb. 14 in solitary confinement, came to me the chief prison and said: "I can advise one thing: write to his wife to give you a TV." I said, "No. I'll go crazy on our television before being alone." But I do not think that if we close all the TV channels, and take away all the TVs, we come absolute security. Unfortunately not come. "



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