Gene mutation of the brain determines why some people get drunk faster than others




Recent studies indicate American scientists that alcohol tolerance depends on the mutation of genes in the brain. These conclusions were employees of the University of Los Angeles after a series of experiments on mice.

Report by American scientists has been published in the electronic version of the journal Nature Neuroscience. The researchers hope that the results of the experiments can be transferred to humans.

It has long been known that a drunken man, in particular, is no longer co-ordinate their actions, and his memory lapses happen. However, until now, researchers were unable to explain how alcohol affects the brain. Experiences of American Scientists for the first time allow us to understand why some people get drunk faster than others.

The mutation changes the characteristics of brain receptors, making them more vulnerable to alcohol. As a result, cell gray people affected by the mutation are not able to "talk" to each other.

Scientists do not doubt that they will be able to use the results of their research to create new and improved drugs that will be able not only to cure alcoholism, but also to get rid of its terrible consequences. If the expectations of experts confirmed, then maybe soon people will be able to recover from the disease, which affects more than one millennium. It is reported YTPO.Ru.


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