Generate a dolmen ultrasound?

There is also evidence that the effects on humans of low-frequency oscillations (13-25 Hz) leads to the resonant vibrations of various internal organs. Effects on brain waves with a frequency of 25 Hz in 30 minutes caused a seizure. It is also known that exposure to low-frequency vibrations, close to the frequency of natural oscillations of the internal organs, especially the heart (6-12 Hz), may even be fatal. Recall that the resonant frequencies of the most studied zapadnokavkazskih dolmen is close to these values.

Thus, the geometric camera parameters dolmenov indicate that these structures could generate low frequency acoustic oscillations. And it seems so — could be superimposed on the frequency ultrasonic vibrations dolmens, modulating them. But generated a dolmen ultrasound, and if so, then how?

Of course, to carry out direct measurements of the background sound, presumably created dolmens (the "voice of the great ancestor"), it's definitely not approve. However, a number of indirect data says so. It is likely that there used piezoelectric effect. Periodic compression and expansion of massive sandstone slabs that form the dolmen, led to deformations of the members of the breed myriads of grains of quartz.

And even though these grains were located in the breed at random, statistically proved to be an ample amount of grain orientation in space which would be optimal for the generation of ultrasound through piezoeffect (in fact, this effect should be much stronger — in sedimentary rocks, including including sandstones composing their mineral grains are oriented). That is why, apparently, such a massive megaliths — to get the necessary power of ultrasonic flow required to use some minimum required mass of stone. Thus, VI Markovin evaluates the mass of one of the smallest zapadnokavkazskih dolmens nearly seven tonnes, some of them have a mass of more than 25 tons!

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