German Greens take care of Andrei Sannikov

In connection with the trial of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, member of the Bundestag faction of the Greens, the coordinator for Eastern Europe Marieluise Beck made a statement.

According to the well-known political figure, demonstration litigation in the case of 19 December reached their climax. Who is "legal chaos dictator Lukashenko uses against the first of the six accused former presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov." These political processes "monstrous style reminiscent of the former Soviet era."

As the Marieluise Beck, "is a serious concern as the health of Andrei Sannikov, who was severely beaten during his arrest on December 19 2010. For this time policy has been denied meetings with the family, a lawyer was not allowed to disseminate information about the conditions in jail. Evidence of torture in KGB jail makes me fear the worst. "

Therefore, continuing member of the Bundestag, she took on the "patronage" of the forest of Andrei Sannikov, whose fate — an example for dozens of political prisoners in Belarus. Such patronage — part of a special program for political prisoners in Belarus, which is a human rights organization Libereco.


Sannikov, Libereco

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