Germany ordered a «future equipment» Gladius for military

Germany ordered a

German Defense Ministry ordered the company Rheinmetall large batch of «Future equipment» Gladius for servicemen. As stated in the press release from Rheinmetall February 8, 2013, 60 sets of uniforms and guns (one per branch) Germany will cost 84 million euros. They have enough to staff 600 personnel.
Delivery of the first 30 sets expected in the midst of 2013. Rheinmetall to supply the rest of the party at the end of 2013. Bundeswehr in promising fighters equipped planned to send to Afghanistan.
Experimental batch of 30 sets for Gladius 300 German soldiers bought in 2012. Deliveries ekipirovok already begun. Until June 2013 the German military to be trained to use the new equipment. 
Budding equipment Gladius Rheinmetall developed on the basis of equipment most experienced «soldier of the future» IdZ 2 (Infanterist der Zukunft). The composition of Gladius, namely comes:
complex protective equipment (including body armor, helmet and goggles)
optical infrared surveillance
radio station
navigation (including GPS and compass)
tool and complex akkumy
In addition, the equipment is designed for extreme climatic zones and protects against biological and chemical weapons.
Germany ordered a
Currently developing their own versions of «equipment of the future» are engaged in the 2-10 framework of states. Among them are France (FELIN), England (FIST), Spain (COMFUT), the United States and Azerbaijan.
Our homeland in November 2012 decided to purchase from France on trial game equipment FELIN. In addition, commissioned by the Defense Ministry in Russia developed its own equipment promising «Warrior.» On the arms it can stand up in 2013.

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