Get rid of all bindings

October 16, 2011 11:26

Get rid of all bindings

Get rid of all bindings. Recalls his life, and find it an emotional anchor. Find their grievances to someone. Hatred, which is formed due to this and so on.

From all this it is necessary to get rid of soon. As I write this, a sense of guilt that our society is constantly trying to impose on us — very dangerous in terms of our karma. If a person would feel shame, guilt and similar manifestations in relation to something of a lifetime, it will play a trick on him. After death, whether it be now or in a hundred years — will revise past life. And if, during this review, your life, you will feel these emotions, they activate the karmic bind. You will have to work out in the future.

Many sources, speaking on the transition, mention the topic "get rid of the bindings." I do not know if the same system checks the blame, work, and in the transition. But to err, it is.

Of course I would rather attribute this to the fact that many now living consciousness, leave this world in the near future, and that this is often given such information. I'm talking about exploring his life, and getting rid of the guilt. And just to forgive those who have done you any harm. Any ties with these emotions will play against you. Forgive your offenders, release them. Forgive yourself for your actions. You are quite aware of their guilt, to allow yourself to get rid of it! And carry it with me, it is an expensive game, which will slow down your ascent.

So even if you are unconscious, are set to jump, does not prevent all the same to get rid of these emotional bindings. Not to mention the fact that most people really should leave this world. And it is essential to prepare in order to simplify the way.

Your agreement to care — (death) of this world (during or after the transition in 2012), was negotiated before you were born. I mean you even before birth, is discussed option that will leave this world, if the transition takes place. Some of you may change this Agreement. Your consciousness can participate in the discussion of this, during how your physical body was in a dream. The memory of this you can not survive. And if you want to get to the truth, start with the emotions that you can feel in how woke up that day. For emotions, you will be able to unravel and scraps of memory that should in theory have been saved.

If you are sensitive, you can listen to your subconscious mind in order to understand which path you have chosen for yourself. In this case, it is useless to ask the sky to have been spared in the transition, because you — so you want to live! If your mind has decided to leave this world, you have nothing to be do. Because the decision is final. And thinking of your brain, only brings confusion in the emotional state. That is not very desirable. A man should die with a clear conscience. That is, his mind must be at peace. This is very important. So you have to prepare yourself for this.

Understand that your life is endless! We live forever. In different forms, and the worlds. Here, in this world, you lose the memory of himself, after the birth. These rules implement this world. Until today, it was so. Soon everything will change, but so far we are very curtained narodec who is not aware of who he is and where.

Because of this, you have to realize that death is just a change in the perception of reality. Your physical body will die, and you do not need this to focus their attention. If this happens, take it for granted.

I'll go through a transition. But even if I am to unforeseen circumstances I die, there is nothing to worry about. We must be alert to the possibility that anything can happen. Be prepared for a flood of information, which will change your idea of the world on its head)

You do not have to be a skeptic, at all times. This is almost equal to your ruin in every sense. Can advance to say goodbye to these people. Such consciousness simply can not adapt to the new world. Their vibration is designed for three-dimensional reality. It is the same if you want to take the elevator up. But your body weight exceeds the allowed rate. Elevator, in which you enter, will not attend. Although in the same elevators, other people can easily climb.

Must be easy to change the perception of reality and circumstances. Only the mind, ready to go.

If you die, and realize themselves outside of the body, do not panic. Do not feel any negative emotions. This is very important. An archive, which stores all your memories of past lives, and in general about who you are and from where. And you obyazaelno get there with time.

Until then, take a few days to watch their loved ones, and in general for this world. You can even take root in the consciousness of other life forms. For example, in cats. But do not do garbage)

The main thing to calm your mind, not to feel affection for some events to people and so on. left in this world. You'll soon be able to communicate with all of them. So do not get in the way they live. Let them go. Understand that each of us go through their lessons, to understand that, you probably can not in position. So do not make stupid, and do not interfere with his consciousness, in life you are familiar or unfamiliar people. Even well-intentioned. Not understanding the process, do not try to control it, or change to their advantage. Only hurt yourself.

If you do not know what to do, ask you to direct. While many probably will meet after the death of their own, or maintenance workers of the world, who are called dark angels. Not for the reason that they are evil or bad. It just so happens that people have learned to be afraid of death, and all that is connected with it. People are so shuttered that they have lost any connection with the outside world. These angels just guide you in death. This is the same mind as you, only their volunteer work is to help you. You can also call the angels who helped you in life, if you have one. So that after death, there is nothing to fear. And if you are experiencing negative emotions affect your karma + you can draw to itself the negative things. That you napletut noodles on the ears)

For our world today there is a huge amount of other worlds. Many of whom are willing to help us if we have expressed the desire that.

Life is good, and infinite. Realize it, and live with the feeling that inspires all of your thoughts. Pay no attention to the social psychosis, more growing in recent years. Land and our world gets rid of all the accumulated. Karmic connections are located on its home stretch. All the difficulties that may arise in the near future in front of you, try to take as the end of your karmic knots. The closer to the finale, the more difficult. But the way it should be. Accept it — as is. There are very few.

Feel free. Often hop off the cases, in order that would get out into nature. That connection to the planet, will help you to feel love for all life. Forgive all who have offended you. Live, inwardly enjoying the amazing time in which we are now here and now. Very soon, the world that we now know so well, will not. All change for the better, and those who are not ready for this, just go back to where they like to be. This consciousness will die, and go to like this, the material worlds. There they continue to learn what no time here.

This is a natural process of immortal living forever …


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