Do they exist in reality or is it fantasy?

General Sabin (Governor of Gibraltar from 1730 to 1739) was convinced that some visions are real. This he told the "Journal for gentlemen" in the 1783 General was dangerously wounded in a battle. One night he was in a candlelit room. Suddenly, beloved wife, who, he believed, was in England, was close by and disappeared just as quickly. Soon came the news: his wife died at the same time he saw her.

It was a classic case of a crisis of vision. Ghost arises in anticipation of an alarm event, often death. Communication vision with images of those who are outside the reach of touch is evident. In addition to the visual display can also be strange noises, smells, temperature reduction, the movement of objects. Such images are called ghosts. See his double bogey or sometimes considered a sign of imminent death.

Vision may look real or illusory, appear and disappear suddenly. They can go through walls and other solid objects cast shadows and reflected in the mirror. deaths usually occur in the clothes they wore in life, while living — in modern clothes. Some ghosts visit certain places, for some reason not known to us, there are others where there were events related to violence, such as on the battlefield, the site of the murder.

Most visions have a specific purpose: to warn about something, persuade or share important information. Typically, the vision happen when one witness, but about a third of cases reported visions in front of several people at the same time.

The pilot of the ghost

In 1960, Mrs. John Church was in India. One night she woke up because someone called her name. She saw in the room of his brother — a pilot charter flights in Goshen (NY). A moment later, his image faded. Later she learned that on the day he had a difficult mission and he was on the verge of death at precisely the time when she saw him.

Many similar cases occur in wartime soldiers are to their loved ones during critical moments. Visions can be encouraged by the state of melancholy, loneliness, cold, high winds, hunger, exhaustion, trembling, stress or serious danger. But they do happen, and when a person is in a calm state.

The theory of ghosts

No theory can not explain the diversity of visions. Many phantoms can be attributed to hallucinations. Prone to fantasies person can create in your mind an image that corresponds to the subconscious needs or beliefs. American researcher Louise Rain is only one of the 8,000 cases of visions could not explain the hallucination. Almost half of older people report visual or auditory hallucinations in which they are of their deceased spouse.

Edmund Gurney and Frederic Myers, the founders of the London Society study of psychic phenomena (1882), believed that there was a connection with the telepathic visions. Myers suggested the existence of the unconscious individual center, generating energy, which can be recognized by people with very sensitive psyche. Gurney was aware that the vision can be explained by the presence of extrasensory perception, and that the ghost may be a hallucination caused by intense thoughts about the dead witness.

According to other theories, the consciousness of all living beings is a particle and a wave, forming its own sphere, where information can be stored, which people can extract. Ghosts may indicate a person's ability to take over the psyche of communication with a remote time and space, to interact with the past from the present and the future.

Shadow of death

November night in 1779, Lord Littleton went to bed at his London home. He felt good, but it did not leave a concern. Soon he heard light footsteps, and, rising, Lord saw the shadowy figure of a woman, which, as it floated by. Vision reported that he would die on a certain date at midnight. The next morning, a frustrated boss told friends about what happened. His friends tried to persuade him that it was all a dream.

Three days later, one of his friends, Miles Peter Andrews, almost dozing, saw the curtains parted on his bed, and appeared before him, Lord Lyttleton in nightclothes, and said: "With me it's all over, Andrews." Thinking it was one of the draws of Littleton, Andrews threw a piece slippers, and she was gone.

The search for the lord of the house and in the garden did not produce results. Later in the day, Andrews learned of the death of Littleton. At night the death of Lord his friends, who visited the house in Epsom Littleton, translated all watches and clocks forward by half an hour. Littleton went to bed, as he thought, at 23.30. Guests were downstairs and talked until almost midnight. Suddenly burst into the room with butler cry, "My Lord is dying!" Lackey said that Littleton and then looked at his watch. At 0 hours 15 minutes looking for translated watch, he said: "It seems to me that this lady is not a real prophetess." Before the onset of this midnight he asked the waiter to bring a cure, "I will accept it and try to sleep." Lackey barely had time to prepare the medicine, he heard heavy breathing Littleton. Ran into the bedroom, he found him in convulsions. Lord died before it could come to a Friend.

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