Glacier Perito Moreno. National Park Los Glaciares National Park.

Could not miss this wonder of nature. Very beautiful place, where the perfect balance winter and summer, is simply to walk several kilometers. Huge Glacier Perito Moreno, which is National Park Los Glaciares National Park moves every year for almost a kilometer …

In the end of this article you will find a private video on a hike to the glacier Perito Moreno!

National Park Los Glaciares National Park is located in different climatic zones. Do glaciers cold wind blows, and the plain and at the foot of cooled volcanic long-blooming flowers. National Park Los Glaciares National Park was founded in 1937 in the eastern part of the Patagonian Andes. The park is located in the province of Santa Cruz. Here you can see the glacier plateau, extinct volcanoes, lakes, subtropical forests and steppe …

In the north of Los Glaciares National Park you can enjoy amazing views of the two mountains: Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. The tops of the mountains are constantly bundled up the clouds. Here are the most difficult trails of the reserve.

Half of the Los Glaciares National Park occupy huge glaciers. Since the area of the famous Perito Moreno Glacier is 250 km2. This glacier is constantly moving at a speed of 700 m / year. The glacier Perito Moreno glacier descends from the Patagonian plateau in the waters of Lake Argentino. Marvel at the "ice giants" can be from a viewing platform. It is an unforgettable sight. Part of the glacier is located in the turquoise waters of the lake and the sun shines all the shades of blue and white. And at the time of breaking off chunks of ice from the glacier-like sound of a grunt or groan.

Every 4 years the glacier completely crosses the Lake Argentino. As a result, the water in the southern part of the lake rises and your blood pressure destroys the ice dam.

National Park Los Glaciares National Park impresses visitors with a rich nature. In the park there are many kinds of plants. I own glaciers are thickets of beech. The height of beech trees reach 35 m in the reserve can be found deer and chinchillas.

In the park you can see and rock paintings made 7,000 years ago.

Watch Perito Moreno

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