Glowing ball two oclock pursued car Belarusian

October 24, 2012 20:12

UFO chased the car 27-year-Belarusian, returning late at night from Minsk Postavy.

The incident, which wrote the regional newspaper "Pastaўskі edge", occurred on 25 September. About three o'clock in the morning before the car suddenly appeared a glowing yellow ball with a diameter of at least a meter. Postavchanin tried to overtake the ball, but he was chasing him.

The driver turned around and hit the gas, but soon the UFO again blocked his path. The man turns around again, but the ball is behind the car, then getting to a few meters, then descending to the road and peregorazhivaya it. On reaching the village Dvorchany, driver rushes to the workshops, hoping to catch the keeper out there, but that is not there. The ball hung there, a man in fear of his father dialed the number and asked him to come with him.

30-40 minutes when father came, the UFO rose above the trees and then shining brightly, then fading away.

The publication of "Pastaўskaga edge" responded one of the readers. Korolinovo village resident said that in the night, waking up at four in the morning, she saw through the window in the distance a large yellow ball of light. The woman woke her husband, and they watched the UFO for about 10 minutes.

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