Got hold of a piece of UFO alien spacecraft

October 5, 2012 3:33

Residents Kandalaksha found a large piece of an unknown metal.

UFO researcher Nikolai Subbotin managed to get a piece of alien spacecraft.

Nikolay Subbotin, "Chip was quite large, about 20 by 30 centimeters. This is what was found under Kandalaksha on the Kola Peninsula. "

Local residents came across a piece of unknown metal, and thought it was a meteorite.

Nikolay Subbotin: "As a result of metallurgical analysis revealed that this is not just a chemically pure tungsten, tungsten and chemically pure for analysis. That's just not done in bars is industry. Especially because it was a big enough piece. "

Nicholas said that stores a piece of the ship, which constantly changes its properties, at home in a box. UFO researcher added that several times saw a UFO near Perm.

More about this — in the "Show and tell" issue which was dedicated to the victims of aliens.

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