Grants wishes

November 1, 2011 19:04

Stone has healing properties and is able to perform the secret desires. One has only to touch him, and the request will be executed

People's faith in miracles has no limits. Several years ago in a village near Moscow Lyzlova appeared a huge boulder. And instantly famous. People flocked to the Ruza district to not only see the largest stone suburbs, and make a wish. Many seriously believe that this stone — magic.

 Earlier Lyzlova was a large village, situated on the bank of the river Medvenka, a tributary of the Moscow River. But over the last decade Lyzlova "Crosshair" the usual summer resort. While there, a little different. Lyzlova is famous for its attractions. Local wonders — of unusual beauty stone church in honor of the Mother of God "Life-giving Spring", a chapel, a font of holy water and a stone giant. This "tourism set" appeared in the village recently. Once at the site of the present church was another, built by monks of old who came here from Smolensk. That first church destroyed by Napoleon's troops. Temple rebuilt several times, but then he collapsed on one side, then for another reason. And in August 2002, laid a new one: a copy of the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl near Vladimir. He's still not finished, but the mere sight of this handsome gold-domed already breathtaking. Local say that the priest, Father Alexander personally went to the Crimea for stone and watched the construction works. Enterprising father also author of the idea to bring the village boulder. But, despite the fact that the boulder Lyzlova glorified the whole wide world, the father of Alexander and he is not happy about this.

Barefoot on the boulder

The biggest stumbling region (height 2.5 m, perimeter top 13 m, weight 55 tons) discovered during excavation in a nearby sand pit. At the initiative of the father of Alexander the boulder was brought to the village and put next to the temple. As a convenience to the side of established metal ladder, and now everyone can climb the rock and survey the area or take photos. Many make climbing barefoot: stone in the village recently, and have produced a belief that it is more responsive to the requests of barefoot. Generally boulder — record on the part of the legends and myths. Rumors go around it most improbable: both local and summer residents, and visitors believe that the stone has healing properties and is able to carry out secret desires. One has only to touch him, and the request will be granted. Some — just to be sure — throw the stone rolled coins and handkerchiefs, others buried in the ground near the boulder slips wishes hung on trees grow nearby ribbons. And comes to fanaticism. Father Alexander complains:

-Who money from the stone asks who health. Leaning against a boulder way and that, whisper some spells on her knees pripadaet. I say, one also has to stand on his head. And guess what? They get up! And recently, the pagans were coming. A bus! Dances here were taken, the songs they sang. What a stupid human comes … prays to a God, not to a stone.

-Why did you put this stone here?
— Look at him, is not he handsome, is not strong? That is a symbol of beauty and strength, and we were brought here. Scientists believe that in our region this giant could be recorded from the Arctic glaciers thousands of years ago. So the stone — a mute witness a very different era. And another such in the suburbs anymore.

Attractive force

However, people stubbornly believe in the miraculous powers to rubble. Before we take a picture of local children on the background of a giant as a car drove up, a woman came out of it and sure step toward the stone. She put both hands on the stone, pressed her head and whispered something. It was hard to resist the temptation not to ask the lady what she asked lyzlovskuyu attraction.

-I come from Moscow, not far from here and bought a dacha. And now, when they are there, do a hook on the machine to ask the pebble of miracles. What to ask? Yes, like everyone else, I want children to be safe and sound, that money were performed. And recently, in the family trouble happened: son fell ill. So I'm the stone came every week to talk to him. Tell me about the trouble — and immediately becomes easier. But most importantly, for two months, as the son is feeling much better. I believe that the stone has helped. There are a lot of different people is. So you know what I say? Come sometimes sullen, depressed, and will swim in the font, the stone stairs go up, you see, her cheeks flushed, her eyes sparkled, leave here with an entirely different mood. So here are so drawn to …


Miraculous stones in Russia a lot. One of the most famous is the Leaky rock — a rock in the river Chusovaya in the Perm region. Formed a sort of stone slope huge human face with an open mouth. In ancient times, hunters beg luck stone, and today Leaky ask deliverance from disease and wish fulfillment.

Another celebrity — Blue-stone — rests on the shore of Lake Pleshcheeva. It got its name because of its unusual blue hue, which appears after the rain. The fame of the mystic power of Xinjiang stone is a long time. The clergy tried to fight the pagan cults and in 1788 wanted to take a boulder on the ice of Lake Pleshcheeva to lay the foundation of his church under construction. But the ice under the sled breaks, and heavy cargo went under water. And after 70 years, most stone mysteriously "crawled" to the shore, where it is still and lies.

In Dmitrov district, Moscow region on the bank of the river lies Kimershi Shutov stone. Despite its name, it heals with serious illness in the first place — children. To him, as to a good pediatrician, bring children and poured water, which "slides" on the stone.

In ancient times, hunters beg Leaky luck stone, and today Leaky ask deliverance from disease and wish fulfillment

In Bolsheselsky near Yaroslavl region is unique Tikhonov stone. Although these "saints" of stones in the country do not count, only this Church recognized "his." In the XVII century on it was discovered icon of the righteous, of which the central place occupied Tikhon Amafutinsky. Since then, for several centuries, June 15 around the stone occurred procession. In the last century built in the nearby village of Berezino chapel collapsed, the place was overgrown with forest, and the mass pilgrimage to the stone stopped.

In the Altai region, near the resort town Belokurikha Mount Tserkovka stands another famous giant, desire to perform. However, not all — only the most cherished, and therefore apply to the boulder can be only once a year. They say there twice visited Vladimir Putin. What he asked for, history is silent, but the locals sure — about the president's chair.

… I also could not resist the temptation, leaving Lyzlov, made a wish and touched the stone. Suddenly, and I'm lucky. As Vladimir Putin.

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