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November 26, 2011 22:56

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Sometimes the ability to see into the future is found as a result of a serious illness, and the unhappy seer sees its vision signs of mental disorder.
This happened to a famous French chevalier, with remarkable accuracy to predict advances in science and technology today. Name it — Cyrano de Bergerac.
French writer Jules Verne is the most sagacious among writers — he predicted many scientific inventions. But Cyrano in his book described space travel is 200 years before him. If Jules Verne sends his hero to the moon in cannon-shot, his predecessor long before Tsiolkovsky predicted that this will be used multistage rocket! To the moon hero Cyrano invented a machine to which several rows of attached "flying missiles": "As soon as the flames destroyed a row of missiles — they were located on six of them — thanks to the heat of the moment, placed at the end of each series, turns to a different number of …"

It is on this principle consistently for the motors of different levels are displayed now in orbit spacecraft.

Moreover, the Chevalier gave remarkably accurate description of the universe: "I believe that the world — the worlds orbiting the Sun, and the fixed stars — as the sun around which also has a planet, that is, worlds that we can not see because of their small size and because they borrowed the light does not reach us … "For such a brilliant foresight needed considerable courage, because only half a century before he was burned at the stake of Giordano Bruno for discussion of countless worlds and infinite space.
Cyrano's book, from where these passages, called "Another light, or the Empire State and the Moon."
The Double Life of Mr. de Bergerac Cyrano de Bergerac on most known comedy by Edmond Rostand, where it is represented dissolute, though incredibly witty revelers and duelist.
Rostand wrote himself, as if Cyrano was the prototype of another literary hero, the famous Gascon D'Artagnan from "The Three Musketeers" by Dumas.
In fact SAVIN Cyrano — is his real name — was not born in Gascony, and in Paris, March 3, 1619. Just his grandfather owned the estate Bergerac, but soon after the birth of our hero, it was sold. As for the name, then later Cyrano himself head and share their great variety, mostly heroic plan — Alexander (Alexander of Macedon) and Hercule (Hercules in the French style).
At eighteen, the future writer graduated from the prestigious "College de Beauvais" at the University of Paris and became a regular zucchini Latin Quarter, where they spent time young writers. Dissatisfied, the father threatened to deprive her son Cyrano monetary support, and he was forced to join the Royal Guard. The poor gentleman is not only made it a means of livelihood, but in case of success opened for him a bright future.
But his military career Cyrano did, though proved to be a brave soldier, even earned the nickname "the demon of courage." The independent nature and sharp tongue curry favor with the authorities prevented. After two injuries, he had twenty-two years to retire.
Cyrano back to life frequenter of the Latin Quarter. His famous long nose, who had visited the subject of ridicule, from injuries he seems to get longer, and the ambitious young man constantly demands satisfaction in bold wits if he feels that they are laughing at this part of his face. In svom circle he is reputed notebook duelist and dashing gambler.
Riotous life eventually led Cyrano to disaster: in 26 years, he contracted an incurable in those days, serious illness — syphilis. Recede into the past funny drinking, duels, love affairs, fade old fellow companions.
Patient, every day more and more faint, Cyrano is a homebody, and devoted himself to literary creativity, trying his hand at drama. The tragedy of "The Death of Agrippina" brought him neither fame nor money, only strengthened his reputation as a dangerous free-thinker and atheist. But brave witty comedy "Derided pedant" was a scandalous success. Cyrano brought it his former mentor, director of Paris 'College de Beauvais' Abbe Granger. Known throughout Paris venerable abbot was shown a complete jerk, and the whole comedy of evil mocked the then scholastic pedagogy.
"A different light" However, the famous, and in our own time, Cyrano de Bergerac, made his book 'The other light, or the Empire State and the Moon, "which can be rightly called the first science fiction novel. In it he not only tells of the fantastic journey of his character on the moon, but also describes the scientific and technical resources needed to carry out such a project. Its principal idea and design solutions far ahead of natural science presentation, accessible to the educated man of the seventeenth century. Therefore it is not surprising that, when Cyrano read his novel in manuscript to a narrow circle of friends, none of them appreciated it incomprehensible to the product of its time.
In his novel, writer and visionary laid out, so to speak, in an adapted form of the information that he received from the distant future. This is evidenced by the fact that, along with a brilliant anticipation of technological developments in the distant future this book there are many other mysterious things, which at the time could not even imagine.
For example, Cyrano weightlessness and describes his personal experience with it. They are so close to the real feelings of astronauts, it's hard to believe that all this is a fantasy medieval writer. Also, Cyrano tells about his flight from the suburbs of Paris to Canada for some aircraft. On this trip, he spent 5-6 hours, that is, this device flew with the speed of modern supersonic aircraft. This coincidence is simply unrealistic.
The question is: at what stage of life began to emerge from Bergerac prophetic vision and why he chose to part with the plot and do a description of scientific and technological achievements of the distant future? Judging by the number of references in the diaries of his few close friends, strange behavior of the writer began during his serious illness. Sometimes he interrupted a conversation in mid-sentence and began to listen intently to something that you did not hear others, and asked them to keep quiet gesture. "Where are you Vita?" — Asked puzzled friends, but he did not explain. Cyrano sometimes sat for hours with glazed eyes, no one seeing or hearing what he was told. When he came out of the trance state, then clutched his pen and began to write feverishly, as if afraid to forget something important to them GONE.
Once when Bergerac left the room, his friend Henri Le Bret, who came to visit the patient, decided to see what he had just said intently, not paying attention to the guest. He had read a strange text: "I suddenly felt that still continue to go up, but the car leaves me and falls to Earth. Then I remembered that the moon is on the wane, but this time she has a habit of sucking the marrow from animals so she sucks the brain, which I rubbed, and sucks the stronger, the more I'm getting closer to it … "But at this time returned to the owner, picked a leaf, and in response to the question, what is this nonsense, said vaguely, as if writing a story about how the moon drew to a person and he is landing on the eternal earth satellite. So he somehow knew that people would land on the moon! The signals of the global field Now to the main point — to the secret prophetic gift of Cyrano de Bergerac.
There is every reason to believe that the gift came from it due to syphilis. Perhaps he knew about it, since it is able to compare the appearance of visions with how increasingly affected by the disease at its general condition. And, most likely, Bergerac did not even know that he offers real picture of the future, including their signs of insanity, and hid it.
Cyrano actually did see what will happen on Earth and in space through two centuries. As now established, the cells of brain neurons perceive energy pulses from the global information space, which contains information about all that happened in the past is going to happen in the present and in the future. But in our minds it is not directly reflected, because otherwise the flood of information flooded him.
Not to "hear" what comes out of a global field, our brain uses its own "jammers." Its effect can be compared with those in the Soviet Union jammed "hostile radio voices." As the research of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, MD I.V.Rodshtata such powerful "jammers" are neurons that produce the hormone serotonin. It is used by the brain for internal communication as a sort of "telegrams." In the cells of the brain there is a strong electromagnetic "noise", which lost feeble data signals from the global field.
When syphilis attacks the central nervous system, including certain parts of the brain. As a result of reduced production of serotonin, and selected information from a global field erupts into consciousness through serotonin protection. Why then, are we in the consciousness of Bergerac, is applied to the present time, can not be explained.
In any case, a natural-born, so to speak, seers temporal coverage of future events are usually much larger.
*** Unfortunately, the gift of foresight in pisatelyaprovidtsa did not apply to his own future — he did not care about him. Cyrano used to say that he prefers to "live from hand to mouth, but independent, ragged, but free." But disease and severe poverty still forced him to look for a noble patron. Reluctantly, he dedicates his works D'Arpazhonu Duke, which takes services "pocket writer" with offensive to Cyrano proud condescension.
However, this protection did not last too long. Once, when the writer was going to D'Arpazhonu, the rafters are building houses on it fell off beam.
It is suspected that the accident was the work of the Jesuits, who feared a dangerous influence freethinker Cyrano de Bergerac on the minds of his contemporaries. A few months later he died at the age of 36 years.
Sergei Dyomkin
"The Secret Power"

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