Greer was an alien like Alexis

November 6, 2012 18:54

American UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer (Dr. Steven Greer) said in early August 2012 that his team of scientists has a body, possibly of extraterrestrial origin. This caused a very heated discussion and speculation.

Greer is now published in his blog for more information on their existing research facility. According to Greer, now is "the detailed X-ray and CT scan of the body." Examples of these records have not yet been published.

DNA samples were collected in sterile surgical conditions and are now being analyzed "several leading geneticists of the world." "X-rays and CT scans show clearly completely organic body humanoid. Based on the data we were able to create amazing 3D-image of the body. You can see the internal organs, including the lungs and any structure, which we can confidently say that this is the heart "- said Greer, however, is not showing pictures.

All these images, continued Greer, should also examine "world's leading experts on skeletal abnormalities, congenital abnormalities of the fetus and embryonic skeletal syndromes." The exact names of these experts Greer has not yet named. However, these scientists were of the view that it is unlikely that it is the human body. "We can also say that this body does not belong to hominids (the family of primates).

Although it looks like a human, but, apparently, not a human. " In the study, experts and physicians "rule based on bone density as well as the body of the deceased or 20-22 weeks of aborted human fetus, since that age, his bones have too much calcium. Both doctors have suggested that the creature had died after birth, and that it is a time lived outside the womb. "

Launched DNA analysis is very time consuming and will be conducted using the latest research and technology. The team of experts involved in this, is the most advanced and most professional of all possible for this purpose. "DNA analysis will take about two months — maybe even more," said Greer.

In his blog, Greer also expressed confidence that "some of the results and detailed X-ray and CT images can be shown in the documentary film" Sirius ", which, as the researcher expects to be completed by December 2012. Body of "alien" does not exceed "6 inches", that is about 12-15 inches.

As seen from the blog post, the team Greer seems to believe that this is an adult's body — no matter what will be its origin: earthly or extraterrestrial. Striking similarities found Greer body images with similar findings in Chile and Russia, although the latter is different posture and degree of preservation.

As for the "Chilean", it is strikingly similar to the analyzed "the stranger." In addition, Greer himself has repeatedly explained that the body is not in the U.S.. However, the official confirmation of his team that studied the Chilean deal, not yet.

As for Russia's "ET", then it is a known Kyshtym dwarf, Alexis, found alive in the Urals in 1996. It happened in the woods near the village Kyshtym (Chelyabinsk region)..

Film about Alexis

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