Habitat: The Elixir of cheerfulness

Tea and coffee — very refreshing morning drinks. Today, on the shelves, and dozens of varieties of tea and coffee.
We figured out how to choose the most refreshing drink, what a tea bag can be called tea and why robusta sold as Arabica.

From being on the shelves flock only a packet of tea with the elephant, much time has passed. Now from the diversity of varieties and brands of tea scatter eyes. Dear elite teas many can not afford. But among the cheapest varieties, too, can find a real tea. Together with an expert from the Plekhanov Academy, we went on the market and chose a few packs of tea. Right on the market expert and tasted brewed tea. We figured out how to choose the right drink.

Coffee — one of the most popular drinks in the world. Tasty, healthy, invigorating. True, it can only be said about the real coffee. What is sold in stores, you can not always be called coffee. Producers add coffee flavors underdo grains and even make coffee from acorns. We bought 10 of the most popular brands of natural ground coffee, and had a "test drive" of the most refreshing drinks. Ground coffee, we checked out the "grinding" and "color." Invited artists depicting paintings with coffee. They spilled coffee on the light table and see how uniformly grind it and how to fry.

On all packets of coffee is marked "100 percent Arabica." But according to experts, manufacturers often put in bundles instead of robusta arabica. This variety is cheaper, but less tasty and aromatic. We put coffee in the laboratory. Experts checked the package that really 100 percent Arabica and Robusta coffee who dilutes.
How to choose the most delicious and refreshing drink, save for the coffee machine and do not buy robusta arabica instead? Experts tell MGUPP leading tea ceremonies, police and economists.

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