Have seen, appreciated, praised

Seen, appreciated, praised

Su-30MKI fighters took part in the training battles with Western fighters

In the middle of June in the French skies appeared Russian military aircraft production. Su-30MKI with the identification marks of the Air Force of India took part in the international air exercise "Garuda 4", in which cars were also involved Air France and Singapore.

It can be said that the invitation to the Su-30MKI on data maneuvers became visible sign of success and global recognition of the machine ahead of the anniversary of the progenitor of a small family of Russian fighters languishing fourth generation. July 5, 2010 was 25 years to the day or as Sou-27 began to come into service of the Air Forces of the USSR.

The first to receive new combat aircraft with tail number 0803 0705 N05 and N06 of the 60th Fighter Aviation Regiment stationed at the airfield "Dzemgi" Komsomolsk-on-Amur. For all the known reasons now our Air Force can not brag presence in its composition more advanced options Sou-27, usually related to the generation of "4 +": they are exploited in the main overseas. Russian military pilots have yet to enjoy the upgraded Sou-27 Russian built. In this connection, noteworthy that machine with tail number 0803 N05 hitherto considered to be in the park Russian combat aircraft and the currently scheduled maintenance takes place in Novosibirsk. However, the situation began to change in the best possible way. Recall that in accordance with the agreement signed during the air show "MAKS-2009", the Russian Air Force in the period from 2010 to 2015 inclusive have to purchase 48 new functional super-maneuverable fighter Sou-35C. Very basically, that our homeland has become the first buyer of the aircraft generation "4 + +" Su-35, although it was created in the main, based on export contracts.

And while such properties fighters Su brands like versatility and maneuverability, are foreign pilots. Su-30MKI during exercise "Garuda 4" (Garuda in Hinduism — combat bird of the god Vishnu), held from 14 to 25 June, the highest confirmed their tactical and technical characteristics.

To the south of France from the air base, "Bareilly" flew 6 cars 8th Squadron of the Eastern Air Command of the Indian Air Force, accompanied by 2-IL-78MKI tankers and transport aircraft Il-76MD. During the exercise, they were at the airport Air Base 125 "Istres". From the French Air Force took part in the teaching of four fighter squadrons of Mirage 2000C/RDI 2/5 "Ile de France", also posted on the AB "Istres" 5 Mirage 2000-5F Squadron 1/2 "Stork", operating from an air base 115 "Orange", refueling KC-135FR. To perform the training tasks involved and other aircraft of the Air Force and Naval Air France, in which a variety of new French fighter Rafale. Singapore Air Force fighter jets were represented by six F-16D + (Block 52) of the 145 Squadron and tanker KC-135R. Total France 180 troops arrived from India and 120 — from Singapore.

The exercise scenario foresaw as a practicing individual and group (pairs and fours) air combat and interception of enemy aircraft, maintenance of machinery and transport cruise strikes against targets on the ground.

French pilots of joint actions with the staff of the states that are not members of NATO, provide an opportunity to depart from the usual patterns and tactics, as, in general, and the representatives of India and Singapore.

But for us, of course, a fascinating assessment of Russian aircraft design zabugornyh representatives of the Air Force. In the opinion of the specific exercise participants' Garuda 4 ", which is reflected in the French media, they are impressed with the ability of radar with a passive phased array H-011M" Bars ". As you know, this radar in the "air-to-air" provides tracking up to 15 targets on the walkway clear support of more than 4 goals to ensure the implementation of instruments without stopping the search, seizure type targets "fighter"At a distance of 120-140 km.

The French liked the dynamic and agile properties of the heavy Russian machine curb engines AL-31FP. They have thrust vector control, although the Indian pilots and did not use it during maneuvers. Zabugornyh also impressed observers range of weapons Russian machine, namely missiles "air-air" P-77, P-27 and P-73.

Representatives of the French Air Force did not fail, of course, be noted that the lighter "Mirages" outperform "dry" in dogfights, but the air duels such type in modern conditions are unlikely to occur in reality. Also, do not miss the French version of the system to advertise EW SPECTRA, mounted on fighter Rafale.

It should be noted that the evaluation of stroke French Sou-30MKI fighters and their own abilities and the Rafale and Mirage inevitably intertwined with the commercial component. After all, Rafale is bidding for the purchase of Air India 126 fighter aircraft program there MMRCA. French plane, Naturally, it is difficult to name the winner of this contest, but the officers of the Fifth Republic have not missed variants once again show the face of its own product, and provided an opportunity for some Indian pilots flew sorties in the Rafale in the co-pilot's seat. Calculate in France and the signing of the contract for the modernization of fifty Mirage 2000 fighters from the Indian Air Force. Rival firm Thales in this direction are the Israel defense companies.

It seems that it was, but in the Divide has already generated, what type of fighter in the near future there will be more widespread in the Indian Air Force. June 28 the government approved the allocation of 3.235 billion dollars for the purchase of an additional batch of 42 Su-30MKI machines. This decision means the final end of the era of dominance in the Indian Air Force MiG-21.

The initial contract for 50 Su-30MKI fighters was signed in 1996. After four years, India has ordered 40 more aircraft of this type, also acquired the license for the 140 cars of Russian aircraft kits. The company has set HAL has 74 air force fighter of his build. So Makar, the Indian Air Force by 2018 will have naikrupneyshim the world's fleet of Su-30MKI — 270 units.

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