He has a chance to become the Peter I

Before returning to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin gets the whole "wall" of problems that require a very fast-paced and for the most part, would be a shame as it may sound, tough decisions. Rapid and severe due to the fact that more of these fundamental problems are obvious, "overripe."
Overripe this clear states to nedavneshnego time more or less efficient manual control by the state, its economy, in other spheres of social life living out their last days. Require profound systemic, strategic reform.

Where exactly advisable to begin these reforms newcomer president? That will allow him and the country is very fast and coupled with the fact with an eye to the long-term answer to the challenges of our time? Now this is our source says, Rector of the Baikal Municipal Institute of Economics and Law, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Dr. Misha Vinokurov.

He has a chance to become the Peter I

VIZANTIYSCHINA should disappear

Mike A., on the reforms, the global, broad-based reform, we hear a long time ago. At times, they added some, let's call them clarifying "comments", like modernization, innovation and nanotechnology, but really nothing significant happens: the words are words …

— Yes, exactly so, and, most vile, under the guise of reasoning here is Russia's role in the world economy today is expressed in three with a small percentage of world GDP. The greatest country in the world by area and resources gives it to the world to three percent. And it's a given opportunistic great prices for oil and gas! If you tilt the diplomatic aspects not go beyond the bounds of third-country allows us — as long as, stress can — only our army, with its nuclear weapon. And no need to reassure themselves, as do some nekompitentnye people, a record number of billionaires. Well it's like a laugh! Milliarderskaya tsifir nothing, except a reason to scoff at us, does not serve the world.

Easy optimism inspires only one event. How would the higher echelons of power are beginning to think about the absurdity of this situation and the harm things. How would the need for reform, which is becoming less and less time, slowly starting to take some practical features.

I believe reform should vseobyatnymi and tough. In another all the steam has once again gone to the whistle …
And the first of them — human resources. It is a matter of the current day or almost. Specifically for the tough reforms should be formed cabinet. Place in it — only for professionals in the higher class.

— Yes, but let's say, the last few years the government, management structures were formed by several different principle …

— I understand it perfectly. With our Byzantine system of governance is very difficult to do, but simply no other way. All this vizantiyschinu need to vomit. Fold all personal ties and interests — the interests of the country are most important! And most importantly — it can be. The subsequent step — logically related personnel action — administrative-territorial reform. The essence of it has long been known, in one form or another many times open a discussion, but all the discussions and limited. An urgent need to unload Moscow. For her own utility, incidentally! 80% of the money, 100% of the political power at one point — not entirely correct. Smooth analogy in fact I mentioned to Byzantium. Exactly like our home at this time, the Byzantine empire was narrowed because that's such a concentration of resources and power to the size of Constantinople, after the death of powers has become virtually inevitable. We want this?

We now have a clear surplus of small regions with low population density. Nothing, apart from the problems in the management areas, it does not. As can be — you need to amalgamate. And not formally, as with the federal surroundings, but really, with all vertical and horizontal connections.

Further. The enlargement of the regions advisable to cooperate with the ministries of dispersal areas of the country — again the same in the name of increasing the effectiveness of maneuverability. Relatively speaking, the Ministry of Agriculture will be let in the Krasnodar region, the Ministry of Culture — in St. Petersburg, FAF — Vladivostok (most of the production of fish and fish processing is concentrated in the Maritime Territory), and so on. This system stitches the country in a single organism, and now she remembers faster bits of the quilt.

Data conversion — one of the pillars of the reform of the economy as a whole. RF especially now burning into the international division of labor, to find their niche, their specialization. Only then can we get away from me already betrothed humiliating three percent.

DEPTH REFORM — In the depth of processing

— Well, to be honest, with a specialization we seem to be all right. In that sense — it is absolutely determine …

— It is not about the status of a raw materials appendage, in which we now dwell. No, raw "specialization" — the supply of watery oil, gas, timber, logs, aluminum ingots, etc. — must be dealt with in the strongest!
The exciting thing — to configure a suitable vector in the direction of the country does not need to invent great. The same oil and gas sector within itself a huge potential for the development of a qualitatively different, can reveal both internal and external, necessary for international specialization reserves. Well, let's say, we estimate the production stage and beyond the limit of the 1st cubic meters of gas in a conventional unit. And we make a — all right with us for this already — one cubic meter of ethylene, and the benefit of the country will increase by 6 (!) Times. Turned gas cellophane — 12 (!) Times. Some simple in the technological sense made of polymers — in 30 (!) Times.
Oil — completely the same. The deepest processing — who canceled her? Why have forgotten about it? Yes, no matter what, is not the most daunting, just well-designed programm for deep processing of raw materials for the period, roughly 5-10 years revitalizes the economy, at least for as many years to come.

And the forest? Another huge benefit — to oil and gas profits plus the effect of the output on a qualitatively higher capacity building complex. In a short time with a competent management of reference in this field will be the Finnish efficiency and ours. And at least twice increase the profitability of the state budget.

I have listed only the basic things. Basic configuration in the considered sectors beckon for a reform in the transport sector, and in engineering, and agriculture, and further down the list. That is why I believe that the modernization of the economy should start with the basic raw material industries.

— Any, much less basic configuration inevitably will rest in another sphere of our slippery — taxes …

— Tax reform is just as necessary as the above, in my opinion, could have developed on two fronts trunk. 1st — change the "vertical" tax flow. Kudrin principle "Everything up at first, and later distribute the" need to change. Review and clearly know what, from where and to what extent is translated into the center, but it remains on the ground. Second trend — increasing the flexibility of taxes: VAT where appropriate to use or sales tax, where a single social tax — now that's not enough obmysleno. I will say more: the practice of the Ministry of Finance centrally collected taxes in the redistribution of funds and generates corruption spawned in the "industrial" scale.

t if the debate on the marked fronts to some extent appropriate, then quite exactly — you need a radical easing of the tax burden (and in some places, and in general it can be waived for a certain number of years) for small businesses, particularly in the manufacturing sector it. Mitigating the real, not the one we have now. Throughout beautiful posters of caring for the "kids", but in reality …

The most acute problem of specifically related to taxes — the export of capital. I think — for ten or twelve years to ban it. And it is — a fully market move. Capital for cooperative ties moves freely, speculative — is still in the country. Such a principle is applied in China and — more than successful.

More one fundamentally, the logic linking all the other moments of the reforms. I'm talking about restoring or, if you prefer, perevossozdanii Gosplan. No, of course not in the form in which he worked in the Soviet Union. I'm talking about the department, the principal activities of which could be co-ordination and scientific forecasting. New Planning Commission does not regulate, for example, the number of pairs of shoes that you want to make, but the dogs trends, provides the necessary advice on the structure of the economy as a whole and in individual sectors and their interaction in advance identifies global trends, etc..


— The reforms set out you need more than the rest, and human resources. But this business is very pessimistic. Demographers predict different degrees of intensity of — its indigenous population — unhurried but steady extinction …

— Specifically, in order to avoid all of this, my betrothed and necessary done as quickly as possible! Yes, terribly. In our institute watch: the same number of Chinese students stubbornly grows in comparison with the Russian guys. But the fix, a decisive change in the demographics of today's realities quite impossible without the configuration of economic realities. And it is not as such "cosmetic", as unfortunate "maternity capital" (you can imagine that the immobilization of a bunch of restrictions that have no real exchange security certificates will force anyone to give birth!), And through clearly tangible in fact, not verbally , measures — favorable (and for large families and free) housing, land, tax-free home business, other tax benefits.

…You see, the tasks the new president — is not easy. And, most difficult, the choice he is small. Or become a strong, alternate reformer Peter the Great, or … Time he has been relatively, 6 years — not most large, and not a short time. It remains to find reserves of political will. I am looking forward to the President …

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