Health secrets of Tibetan monks

About Tibetan monks walk through the world in legend. I think the most interesting legend about their longevity. What is the cause of long life of Tibetan monks? What secret knowledge they possess?

Here are two answers to this question.

Good posture

General posture — this posture when we sit, stand and walk. If it is correct, not to strain your muscles and the respiratory, circulatory and digestive system working smoothly. This not only helps to get rid of their ailments, but also extend its life for many years.

It is not too late to develop at any age. But first we have to determine what to correct. To do this, stand with his back to the wall so that the heels are on it at a distance of 5 cm, and spread your feet about 25 cm is not changing the position of the feet, tilt body to the wall, thinking that the blade and touched her buttocks together.

If your spine is curved and one shoulder lower than the other, then one side of the body touches the wall sooner than the other. You might find that to her and touches your head. This means that you have too much to throw back his head. But more often the other option. You will feel that the walls have touched only the buttocks, and you have to submit more body back to her and pressed the blade. This is a clear sign that you are used to stoop and stretch his neck. This posture causes the back is stooped, and the belly droops.

If you push too hard the pelvis forward, then to the wall just to touch the blade. In this case, slide to her buttocks. Between the waist and the wall should be a short distance. It will disappear when you bend both knees, lower buttocks and a little out ahead abdomen. If after a few minutes of this posture will seem tedious, it means that when you stand, keep the body properly and your posture requires adjustment.

Continuing to be in this position, check your posture while walking. To do this in a standing position slightly straighten your knees, but do not straighten them completely. In the lower back should be kept small deflection. Now, on the spot, move the body away from the wall and slowly walk forward. And the motion should start with the head, not the chest or abdomen.

If we want to change your posture and the way to move, we will have to fight the entrenched habits, learning how to command our muscles. It uses verbal commands for specific muscle groups. Pronounced them mentally in a state of relaxation. Moreover, any attempt reflex immediately take appropriate some team action deliberately braked.

For testing a new command connection drop to the floor, resting head on the book. Bend your legs so that your knees are pointing straight up at the ceiling. Lie still, relaxed, without changing the position of the body and not thinking about other things. By focusing on the position of the head and neck, mentally pronounce the formula: "The neck is free, head tilted up," but no movement at the same time do not. Start with the neck should be because it is precisely in this area usually start incorrect posture that lead to curvature of the spine and the stoop. Keep repeating the command as long until there is a pleasant feeling by removing excessive strain neck muscles.

Then start to say to yourself, click "Back is straight and straightening." However, you may feel that dealt only blades and shoulders. Keep repeating the command until you feel that the whole back is straightened. If at some point you will notice that the neck stiffened again, you're too enthusiastic, "chase" for new sensations, and your body has "forgotten" the first team. In this case, return to it, and then continue with the release of muscle tension in the back.

Repeating commands to the head and back should continue as long as there was a new muscle sensations, but not less than 8-10 minutes. If you have kept within a shorter period of time, then you probably have made some movements, instead of just thinking about them. Therefore, to control the stand up, walk around a little, and then lay down again and check my feelings. If necessary, continue to work with the teams.

To determine the correct position of the pelvis, perform the following experiment. Stand with your back to the wall and slide down it, bending her knees and spreading until the entire back will not press upon its plane. After this, bend your torso forward so that your chin is above the knees. In this position, start to say the following commands: "His head tilted up," "The back is straight and straightening out", "forward and knees apart."

Most people stop repeating the formula team, when they have the relevant experience, and try to fix them as soon as possible action. This is wrong. When you notice changes in your body is more important than ever to continue to think about the formulas and do not make any moves. Mental work on the body, after a while you feel that muscle strength is reduced when you move. But in this case, you have to repeat myself further verbal commands, so that they always run the muscles until they develop into automatism.

But after that first time, it is recommended in the morning to say mentally, all commands to the muscles remember them and do them. In addition, it is necessary to support themselves and a good posture. When walking, do not drop your head, do not slouch, try to keep the shoulder blades together, and stomach sucked. If you have to stand for long periods, every 15-20 minutes change positions alternately shifting the body weight is on one side and then the other leg.

It is also important to sit. Should not tilt your head back, stick out front lower part of the chest and the pelvis, on the contrary, set back. When you sit down, imagine that your body is lowered into the narrow space between the two walls in the narrow closet, and hold it in this position. To do this, try the upper back pressed to the back of the chair.

Take care of yourself, and soon the right demeanor becomes a habit, get rid of many ailments.

Eye of the Renaissance (an exercise)
The main element is the breathing exercises.

Exercise 1: Stand up straight. Hand in hand. Do not close your eyes, unwind clockwise (to the right) 4 times. Need to spin fast enough to hold your breath.

Exercise 2: Lie on the floor on his back. When you inhale — to lift his feet and his head and shoulders from the floor tear. Legs are allowed to bend more at the knees — you do not train them. When you exhale — the legs and head lowered. Repeat as many times.

Exercise 3: kneel. Chin pressed against the chest. When you inhale — tilt the head back and continue to inhale bend your back. When you exhale — to return to its original state. Repeat as many times.

Exercise 4: Sit on the floor, legs forward. Chin pressed against the chest. The hands rest on the floor on either side of the buttocks. When you inhale — tilt the head back and continue to inhale bend your back (almost up to the bridge, the back lift — only rely on the hands and feet). When you exhale — to return to the starting position. Repeat as many times.

Exercise 5: Take the emphasis lying (as if going to do push-ups, but the pelvis omitted). A look at the ceiling. When you inhale — press your chin to your chest and arch the back (try to get the heels of floor). When you exhale — to return to its original state. Repeat as many times as

Exercise 6: Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath and squeeze the anus. Bend over, hands rest on his knees. Exhale mouth. Without making a breath, pull the stomach. Upright, hands on your hips, the anus relax. Inhale-exhale. Repeat three times.

How many times do the exercises? The first exercise — 4 times, and the rest — 3 times.

Gradually increase the number of repetitions to 21 times, and the only exercise 6 is still 3 times.

"Eye of the Renaissance" is not recommended for people with serious back problems, as it drops a big load. It is not necessary to perform complex after a good dinner. Exercise (especially when you do it 15-21 times) is quite exhausting. It can therefore be 7 times in the morning, seven times a day, 7 times in the evening.

According to one of the Russian fans Tibetan methods of longevity: "I have done" eye ", when I was 14-15 years old. Now I'm 24, but still in the stores do not want to sell beer, cigarettes and alcohol, has not been presented passport. Among their peers look much younger. Now I am constantly "Eye" do not, but think of him when I have a bad feeling. And no matter what hurts — the head, stomach, or back — 15 minutes after the "Oka" I forget about all the pain and disease. "

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