Heavy infantry fighting vehicle BMPV-64. Ukraine

This is another option rework of old times Russian tanks in infantry fighting vehicles.

Layout languid APC BMPV-64 was developed in Ukraine as a personal initiative of Kharkov BTRZ. First mock-up was completed in 2005. This machine is a profound modernization of the honored MBT T-64. Ukrainian army has several thousand of these tanks. BMPV-64 is designed for transportation and infantry support. The car was created based on the experience acts of infantry combat vehicles in urban criteria and more precisely their actions failed due to missing a hell of booking. It is in the process of urban warfare revealed these flaws, because for BMP implementation strategies in everyday military operations, they have to go back tanks, and their function is limited to the function of delivery to the site of the infantry attack. But in urban combat, where as this line of defense is blurred, and you can expect an attack with at least some areas, and at least some of the houses. BMP is often found themselves on the front edge where the carrying huge loss.

BMPV-64 has a composite armor which is complemented by a dynamic blocks armor. The lower part of the body as well has been strengthened in comparison with the T-64, to a level at which BMPV -64 able to survive at undermining 4 kg landmine. Apart from this grievous APC can be equipped with an active protection system — Barrier. Argued that the APC has no defense almost worse than the protection of most tanks.

The layout of this languid armored personnel carriers to equip remote controlled weapon station, which is armed with a 30 mm cannon and coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. The machine also provides for the installation of the 1st remotely controlled 12.7-mm machine gun.

Slider BMPV-64 is ahead. Kits made substantially front part of the machine behind the hull, so that the grievous APCs, so to speak goes back, in comparison with the T-64. Front-engine, and provides additional protection and provides enough space for the landing. Input and output infantrymen in the car via the rear door.

As the motor BMPV -64 uses a proven multi-fuel diesel slider 5TDF, which develops power of 700 horsepower. Machine also invited Ukrainian 6TD diesel engine, developing 1,000 horsepower. With this engine the machine will be able to reach speeds up to 75 km / h.

Are different embodiments of the BMP, such as a command vehicle, SAU under the 120-mm mortar, recovery machine and others. Such huge capacity upgrade provides the ability to install on this machine different combat units weighing up to 22 tons. In the basic version BMP weighs 32.5 tons. In the basic version in the car might just fit up to 12 Marines and 3 crew members.

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