Heavy mechanized bridge ERE Logistics Scissor

Previously practiced on a similar product the Canadian company ERE Logistics, based in Calgary, has mastered the production of languid mechanized bridges. These bridges are provided for both the military and for the civilian implementation.

President of ERE Logistics Richard Richter (Richard Richter) for a long time been known as a lover of military equipment. Not enough that he was working on vehicles, such as the Army Humvee, truck 8 × 8 and 10 × 10, he also had written off Chieftain tank and an armored personnel carrier M113, which encourage a continuous service!

In 2006, ERE Firesupport (builder of off-road vehicles for fighting forest fires), was faced with a situation where it was actually needed mechanized bridges. Most of the fire ERE Firesupport did in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (Rocky Mountain) in Canada, where it is often impassable terrain sought to perform many hours of detours instead of overcoming just a few kilometers in a straight line.

So in my head, Richard got the idea to make a reliable mobile mechanized bridge that has permitted them to cross a mountain stream or other rough terrain, allowing the clock to save precious time and oprativno deliver the equipment you need. He had beautiful conditions for the implementation of this project, the technological knowledge and determination to follow through, and the help of his father, Erik Richter (Erich Richter). So began to revive mechanized bridge ERE S80T. Based on the military knowledge and experience of working with military hardware, Richard came to the conclusion that the perfect universal platform for storage, transportation and deployment of the bridge will be a system Flatrack.

Among other things, the bridge needed to be compact for transport and rapidly deployable. After considering several options, it is enough to drop rapidly braked axles on a "scissors." This allows you to rapidly deploy the bridge by adding a section by section and is perfect for compact storage and comfortable transportation. After just a few months of development, the first test model 60-ton bridge ERE S80T was ready for launch in the establishment. Notwithstanding some deficiencies and omissions, the first model tests showed high efficiency of the bridge.

12 meter bridge has a width of 4.3 meters and comes complete with handrails for walking. Time, required for the installation and preparation for this use, it is only 30 minutes, which to date is not something outstanding in comparison with some of the armored vehicle launched bridges, but there can be used an additional extension. Armoured mostouladchiki typically have one section (between legs), and may be set for a period of from 4 to 5 minutes.

To bridge ERE S80T can add additional sections, one after the other. So Makar, 120th meter bridge can be induced in about 5:00, which was not able to make armored vehicle launched bridges. Recently time Further improvements have been introduced, which makes the bridge is even better. Carrying capacity has been increased to 90 tons, a unique 3.5 meter supports were changed to 10-meters, allowing to make huge river crossings or the deepest ravines.

The bridge consists of 3 components: the bridge itself, stacker and support. Being compatible with the system Flatrack, mechanized bridge is designed to work with an abundance of military and commercial vehicles. Specifically design for Flatrack makes bridge so cute. Now no longer need a separate mc to visit bridge, or you can simply use the respective vehicle of the fleet, lower the system to deliver and deploy it where you need it. Moreover, when necessary, the bridge can be delivered directly from stock, it can be transported by truck or even by air in unavoidable situations.

Because aiming is done with the help of a bridge hydraulics, requiring only a small team of 4 people to install and fix all in their places. During emergencies, it will allow additional personnel to concentrate on their own commitments as bridge builders to build bridges.

The performance properties of the ERE S90T
In the transport position: length 6.1m, width 3.3m
In the unfolded state: length 12.2m, width 4.4m
Great length of the bridge being built: 500 m
High Altitude: 10m
The large depth of aqua obstacle: 4.7m
Large capacity: 90 tons
Weight height: 5.2 tons

Width: 1.5m on two
Clearance: 12/24/36 m
Time Deployment: least 55 minutes

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