Heavy tank IS-4

Not enough people know that he was a serial, although the series was low, somewhere around 250 vehicles, then it was removed from production. All because of the excessive weight of the car served — about 60 tons.

The development of the tank began in July 1943 at the Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant running L. Troyanova, and later — M. BAL. At the beginning of 1944, the projected machine received index "Object 701", and has already March 1944, the draft was submitted to the GABTU. The project, as a whole, the Commission liked, and in April of the same year it was decided to proceed to manufacture a prototype.

The object 701 with a gun S-34-I.

The basic idea for the creation of a new Russian tank languid, was the idea of the ability to install on this machine more massive artillery pieces than those that were on the IS-2. Because most experienced Object 701 was placed immediately in three versions with different guns: the D-25T, S-34-II and 100-mm gun of high power C-34-I.

The object 701 with a gun S-34-II.

Tests machines held to illumine 1944. And as usual showed a lot of design flaws. But just as the car was one indisputable advantage, its 160 mm frontal armor could not break through nor one tank or anti- gun as Russian and German production. Of gun systems is best proved 122 m gun S-34-II.

At the end of 1944, it was released two more machines on which was installed an upgraded box. After the tests of these machines was considered that tank is ready for serial production. It only remained to decide with which the instrument of his release.

IS-4 Kubinka.

Surprisingly, the gun C-34-II and was not recommended for installation in a standard car. Overcome the view that solutions to the challenges that now face the tank troops is quite enough already mastered in the production of 122-mm gun D-25T, and languid tank weapons for the latest generation must move to 130 mm caliber guns or even 152 mm (attempt establish a 130 mm gun has been done on the tank IS-7).

IS-4 at the site, somewhere in the Far East.

In April 1945, tank was adopted and put into mass index creation, under the IS-4. The machine frame was welded and molded tower with a variable width of armor. Apart from the mentioned 122-mm gun D-25T in the arms came paired with it 12.7 mm machine gun. Such as machine gun raised as a zenith on the turret hatches of the loader. One of the features of the machine — was a unique combat pack. In the IS-4 missiles were located in special iron cartridges which is perfectly visible in the photo. Box at the tank was planetary, torsion bar suspension personal. The crew of 4 guests. As the power plant on the machine there was diesel V-12 750 hp With this engine the highway tank could accelerate to 43 km / h.

Boeukladki tank IS-4 tapes are clearly visible under the iron shells.

Serial creation IS-4 lasted until 1949. And in the main, these machines are required to serve in the Far East.

During the operation it was found out that the mass of the tank capacity surpassed most bridges and platforms. This is the reason why almost buried the idea of building machines weighing more than 50 tons of EC-4 was taken out of operation and predict long-term storage, and then removed from service. After that it is often used in landfills as a target.

Place the driver in the tank IS-4.

Place a gunner in a tank IS-4.

Cannon and machine gun tank IS-4.

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