Heinrich Himmler. Watch online The Devil’s Advocate

Heinrich Himmler.  Watch online The Devil's Advocate

1949 in the castle of Wewelsburg, a funerary hall chiefs SS, made a terrible discovery — 12 charred skeletons. On the gnarled fingers — 12 rings of the unknown, untouched by fire alloy. "Higher may be in any guise," — read on for yourself Himmler, man who, even in Hitler's entourage thought otherworldly phenomenon. Having lost support among his Himmler found support in the 2-directions: from the forces of Western democracy and the forces of other, higher. "I was as old as the century, "? wrote for himself Himmler,? "And it was already a symbol." Called himself "an experimental agronomist" Henry Himmler all documents signed in pencil greenish "I small and unprepossessing, but I finger ring with no small diamond, but I have a swastika made of gold

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