Historical evidence of contact with aliens

October 29, 2011 23:40

Historical evidence of contact with aliensFor all the excavations in the Sumerian state was found a huge number of stone seals round or cylindrical in shape. They were small, the height of only 1.6 inches and worn, probably, in the neck (there are many lace holes). Seals were always present a variety of images: most animals, people, signs, scenes from life. They were used to attest his signature, so each customer master stone carver made individually unique pattern. The oldest printing have been with simple drawings, then retreated primitivism and the press began to show off the entire scenes of farming, hunting, and excerpts of the myths that at the time, were most likely true.
The most interesting of seals are found cylinders with images similar to the spaceships and scenes, as if copied from the alien crew.

One print, for example, consists of a number of sectors with different pictures. On one can clearly see how the crew puts the aircraft: Includes a landing system starts braking engines and flies through the mountains to land the ship. In the second sector drawn trajectory of the ship. The crew flew from Nibiru between Jupiter and Mars.

Historical evidence of contact with aliensThe next sector is the inscription below the image, where the crew lands on earth, "for landing following deities Nini." In the fourth sector on how to navigate by the stars to reach the earth. And, guided by local topography, land unit.

Print, according to scientists from France, Maurice Chatelain, a guide to space flight. It is possible to consider the schematic map, stages of landing. Calculate the moment of brake systems, are a place of passage of the lower and upper atmosphere, the location of the spaceport, designated the city and the mountains, where we must go. Especially in the note of the large number of numbers that may carry information about the airspeed or altitude.

Given the suddenness of the ancient civilizations of the ancient and vast concepts in astronomy, we can assume that we are all the same — the descendants or the product of alien colonists. Flattering would certainly think that we — the descendants simply degenerated because of assimilation. Were high smart and beautiful, were stupid, low and scary.

Historical evidence of contact with aliens

Better that than to accept the theory biorobots. If the residents of Nibiru still fly to the Earth, it must be the place where they landed. And such evidence allegedly found! In the Sumerian cuneiform tablets indicated that the aliens used to fly air corridor, located above the river basin Euphrates and Tigris. Guided crews on Mount Ararat and a few other notable marks on the ground. Scientists believe that it is possible to hold the line on the map, going from Ararat to the south. She crossed the center line of a possible air corridor at an angle of 45 degrees. And at the intersection was once a Sumerian city Sitschar, where he was located spaceport. Even the translation of the name sounds like "City Birds".

Historical evidence of contact with aliens

The rest of the Sumerian civilization emerged as a reason. In Nippur was a mission control center. Eridu focused on the approach. Mattered and Kish, and Lars and Ibira and Lagash. First, they had to be easy to maintain, and only then grew around the city. Perhaps the latest colonizers did not fly the ship, or their planet was destroyed, and delete protected nibiriytsam was just coming back, so they had to settle down here and share a little knowledge with the local Aborigines.

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