Hitler managed to escape from punishment?

Hitler managed to escape from punishment?Historical truth and sensational quackery

Not so long ago on U.S. screens was Nick Belantoni movie "Escape Hitler." According to the creator of the film, the Third Reich Fuehrer managed to secretly flee from Berlin to Russian army at the end of April 1945, escape in an unknown direction and escape from punishment for serious crimes.

Another bout of Hitlerism

The movie is on a "discovery" made Belantoni. He was admitted to the study of the skull, lying in the archives of the FSB in Moscow and owned by Hitler. He even managed to get hold of Tipo pieces of the skull, to their genetic research and find — a nightmare! — That the skull belonged to no man, and woman. Thus was born the brand new sensation in addition to a number of old. That Hitler escaped in a submarine from Germany, the boat sank and the sea found a sealed bottle with a note which stated that Fuhrer drowned in conjunction with this boat, then for Hitler took his double, and the real Hitler Tipo disappeared in Argentina.

Hitler managed to escape from punishment?

On TV "star" in the program "Mystery of the death of Hitler's" Russian viewers in the middle of old times presented the latest version of the fantastic: Hitler Tipo transported by submarine to Antarctica. There for him and his entourage built bolshennuyu cave in the ice, where he was able to hide forever. Moreover, assist him in the U.S. and UK intelligence agencies with whom a deal was struck: they help Hitler and the Nazis were transferred to Washington in store gold in Germany, up to now, as you know, lying in the vaults of the U.S., and the secrets of the atomic bomb and missile weapons . (It is unclear why the Yankees, the bomb had already been done, some "secrets" about this?)

Undercover escape Hitler was twice affected even in the transfer of Alexis Propagation Post scriptum. In it, by the way, one of the senior officials of the FSB archives refuted the claim of the above film maker, he was given the opportunity to conduct genetic research Hitler's skull, and even take away with his pieces. Or maybe he was able to behold the skull of Eva Braun?

All versions of the escape Hitler Third Reich are pure fiction. What did the reality turned out to Hitler at the end of April 1945? At this point I can share with readers a very exciting evidence.

In the 60 years I have worked as a scientific editor of the "Journal of Military History" and studied, namely, the theme zabugornoy military history. Editors, of course, was interested in the history of the end of the Third Reich. In the June issue of the magazine for 1960 has been posted my article "Last week Nazi Germany," and in June 1961, the 20th anniversary of the German attack on the Russian Alliance, another — "In the ruins of the Third Reich." But lacked many of the true facts of the end of Hitler's rate.

And here in the wording had the idea to interview the former chairman of the KGB, and later as chief of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Army General Serov. Crucial to the editorial was that at the end of the war, he was authorized by the NKVD 1st Belorussian Front under the command of ZHoru Zhukov and, of course, was privy to all the mysteries of the death of the Chancellery of Nazi Germany, where he was Hitler's bunker. Editors knew that Serov was filmed in 1963 as chief of the GRU in connection with the case of a prominent officer of the office of Colonel Penkovsky acquired the American and British intelligence and has caused great harm to the interests of the Russian state of the Union. Penkovsky was the winner of Serov and even kept in touch with his family. As a result of this case Serov was not only removed from the post of Chief of the GRU, and demoted to the rank of major general and appointed deputy commander of the Volga Military neighborhood on educational institutions.

But for the editorial of the magazine did not matter what happened to Serov. It was basically to get from him the true picture of what happened in the fall of Berlin and the capture of Hitler's headquarters. Serov as no one else could tell a lot unknown. Conduct an interview with him was entrusted to me. Serov agreed to give him, and I went in the middle of 1963 to meet with him in Kuibyshev. Here's what he told me.

Hitler managed to escape from punishment?

AS General Serov Hunt for Hitler

At the end of the war he received personally by Stalin's mission to capture alive or dead fascist leaders in Berlin. For this operation, he made a special squad capture of 200 people. April 31 fighters squad came very tightly to the Reich Chancellery, where Hitler's headquarters, and on the night of May 2, when the Berlin garrison capitulated, first leaked into it. In the courtyard rates in the crater of an exploding bomb or shell they found two burnt corpses of men and ladies. It was Hitler and Eva Braun. The fact that it was indeed they confirmed the prisoner occupied Hitler's personal adjutant — Sturmbannfuhrer SS Otto Guensche and personal valet Heinz Linge Hitler. Guensche along with Hitler's personal chauffeur Erich Kempka both burned corpse, spraying cans of gasoline from a car.

Not far been found and burned the corpses of Goebbels and his wife. 6 dead bodies of their babies, poisoned with indescribable brutality mom cyanide lie in the bunker. In the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery and found a dead twin Hitler with his head. Photo of his corpse was later widely replicated in print. Identification of Hitler's corpse has been proven on the basis of his medical books, trapped in a bunker. It had an entry of personal prosthetist image of Hitler and his jaw. It is absolutely coincided with the jaw on the corpse discovered in the garden of the Reich Chancellery. Did not cause any hesitation that it was the corpse Hitler Third Reich.

According Serov, the remains of Hitler were soon on orders from Moscow secretly buried in the yard of Staff of the Russian Army, stationed in Frankfurt an der Oder. His grave was either anchored table, and Russian soldiers played it in chess and dominoes, not knowing who is under their feet. During the Potsdam Conference Serov asked Stalin and Molotov, they do not want to look at the corpse of Hitler. But Stalin, he said, refused. These are the brief information about the negligible end Hitler Nazi Third Reich, I have gleaned from a conversation with General Serov. There is no reason not to trust them. For their authenticity Serov posted his head before Stalin. In his hands were all the threads of Smersh ("Death to Spies" — Russian counter-intelligence agency) in the headquarters and the troops under the command of Marshal Zhukov.

Captivated Guensche as Serov said, was ordered to prepare a report, or something like a memoir about life in Hitler's headqua
rters. He worked on these memoirs for many months, while in the Lubyanka KGB building, and eventually made the work of the size of about a thousand pages. It was re-established pattern of death and Hitler. Serov said that only members of the Politburo were allowed to become familiar with these "secret" memoirs, and Russian leaders are very happy to read them. To them was specially prepared an abridged version of translation. Some unknown way that arbitrarily shortened version of the interpreter was a couple of years back that is located in Germany. Publication of the Russian language full versions of these memoirs expects another own hours. Himself Guensche go home, and he lived up to their own destruction, as I understand, near Bonn. By the way, Hitler's personal chauffeur Kempka published in Germany his book, "I burned Hitler. "


Serov evidence confirmed by the memoirs of Gertrude Junge, who was a 1942 and April 1945 Hitler's personal secretary. As Guensche, she fell into Russian captivity and soon was released in Germany. In 1947 she graduated from the memoirs "Until the last hour. Hitler's secretary tells of his life, "but for a long time did not dare to publish them. In 2003 alone, they have seen the light. Oh, so it outlines the words Guensche end in Hitler rate: "We are again greeted Hitler, after which he went to Eva Braun in his room and closed the door. Goebbels, Axmann, Gevel, Kempka and I stood in the hallway, waiting. It took about 10 minutes, which seemed like an eternity. The silence was broken shot. After a few seconds Goebbels opened the door and we walked into the room. Fuhrer shot for himself in the mouth, and not counting the saw through a vial of poison. The skull was turned upside down and looked terrible. Eva Braun did not use his gun. She took poison.

We obvernuli Hitler head with a blanket. Goebbels, Axmann and Kempka carried the corpse up the stairs to the park. I took the body of Eva Braun. Never lift a brain would say that this luxury lady can be so weighty. Upstairs, in the park, a few steps from the entrance to the bunker, we put the two bodies side by side. Then we could not retreat — that of force was fired. Therefore found the nearest shell-hole. We then combined with Kempka watered body with gasoline and thrown on them from the entrance to the bunker burning rag. Simultaneously the two bodies took possession of flames … "

This story is about the end of Hitler coincides with what Serov told me. Unfortunately, the print interview with him failed. On its publication ban was imposed due to the fact that General Serov was in the deepest disgrace. In 1965, he even expelled from the party. There is evidence that he also wrote a memoir.

So Makarov, there is no reason to believe a guess, as if Hitler escaped from Berlin from retaliation. It is very symbolic that his burnt body was in the hands of Russian troops. Specifically Russian soldier hoisted the Victory Banner over the Reichstag and captured the Imperial Chancellery.

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