Hole with a secret or a door to hell in Austria

March 14, 2012 12:58

Hundreds of people are flocking to a field near Neuhof in Austria inquire on overnight appeared a hole in the ground at the bottom of which, I believe, is hidden metal construction. Perfectly round hole accidentally discovered Franz Knolinger farmer who went out in search of her missing cat named Murlimann.

He looked down, and to determine how deep the hole, threw stones and heard loud metallic sound of a stroke. He defined the depth of about 8 meters.

Calling upon the local plumber, lowered on a rope magnet to see whether there is something metallic. It turned out — yes, there is. Tried to lower the camera, but it has not brought results. Perhaps some interference from the electric field, or because of something else — the camera refused to work on the bottom.

Archaeologists have suggested that there may be an underground burial vault.

Local pensioners think that there may not be a bomb exploded during the Second World War.

Ufologists say about the alien spaceship buried in antiquity.

Someone put a sign next to "Caution — the door to hell!"

All these versions can have bases, only one did not question, actually, and who has done this hole, in what order, and what happened to the land of her?

Geologists from the nearest department is expected on Monday to visit the field to research the hole.

Murlimann was discovered sleeping in an oven at the farm.

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