Hormones — Biological weapons

Modern products are turned into biological weapons XXI century. Animal meat, drugged dangerous steroids can be found on every counter. Manufacturers inject animal growth hormone. These pigs, in contrast to conventional, become hysterical impotent, and their meat is on the table of ordinary consumers.

After that, they are enraged, why women are becoming more powerful and business, and men — on the contrary. And why every year around becomes more and more representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation?

Synthetic growth hormone — a terrible weapon in the hands of producers. Just one shot, and now the bull or pig are growing by leaps and bounds. Here only those yeast to the human body — a real poison. Not having no taste, no smell, no color, the strength of its influence hormones are more like a biological weapon.

Even from Adolf Hitler during World War II British intelligence planned to get rid, mixing it into food female hormones, and now is the "secret weapon" can be found in the usual sausage.

Who is a distributor for the hormonal meat, how it affects male potency and how to distinguish a drugged meat from the natural hormones, look in the "Broom" on NTV. Guests Natalia Metlin told the truth about hormones and how not to sit on the hormonal needle.

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