How much freedom of speech in Gomel?

Gomel City Executive Committee for the first time during the last seven years has allowed the regional organization of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" alternative to May 1 rally dedicated to the work of the Holy.

"We have a contract to address the City Council with the number 299 on city services so-called service meeting. Hospital emergency room to list two hours rally 280,000 rubles, urban spetsavtopredpriyatiem — 122000 and Department of Internal Affairs of the executive committee for the protection of public order — 680000. Council allocates 200 protesters already 20 policemen. So to express their thoughts on the rally, only has to pay 182,000 rubles, "- said the head of the regional organization" Fair World " Vladimir Siekierki.

Vladimir Siekierki

On He said, fee for the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech seems rather cynical. Citizens already pay taxes for the maintenance and the police, and medicine, and all other city services. In Minsk, such exactions of the applicants rallies canceled. In Gomel, it seems, the government on protesters seeking more and earn money.

Nevertheless, the initiative "Fair World" to hold a rally supported the Regional Council of the United Democratic Forces.

Vladimir Katsora

Member of the UCP and the movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora said that from now on social activists began handing out to passersby in the crowded areas of the city invitation to come on May 1 in the 11 hours to the site of the Deaf in DC "Vipra" — to join the protection of human rights work, to speak out against rising inflation and incessant, as well as against the outbreak "Created by the authorities due to the economic problems of ordinary people."


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