How quickly cleanse your energy body with light

March 29, 2012 19:36

There is a wonderful technique that can quickly clear your energy body is light.

Sit quietly, light a candle, sit back, feet on the floor, feet parallel, hands on knees, uncrossed.
Say, "I ask the crystal-white space energy wash me all the plans and cleanse me from all the negativity, remove all negative communication and binding negative programs and implementation."

 Close your eyes.
Feet feel your connection to the land and the crown — with Heaven.
Imagine yourself as an egg hanging in the void of space. What is the original color — does not matter. Egg hanging in the void by a thread that runs through it. The upper end — goes up to the power of pure cosmic energy, lower — in the land that gave birth to you.

1. Top of the egg, at your request, on a string, starts flowing crystal-white, with a bluish tinge, as very intense starlight energy which gradually fills the egg, and burning all the dark spots, threads and on, goes down into the ground. Washing are carried out as long as all the egg does not shine intense white crystalline light. It is you get rid of the negative.

2. You fill out an egg blue lapis lazuli light that corrects irregularities in your energetic matrix. "I ask the light of lapis lazuli and heal me of all injuries and illnesses." Also wash it until the time when you see it completely glowing lapis lazuli light.

3. You fill out an egg red vitality and energy. "I ask the red light to restore my vitality and happiness." Before the egg does not shine joyful, vibrant bright pleasant pure red. "

4. Now you can quickly skip through the egg wave of pure green and gold. Seven times is double green and gold wave.

5. After you fill the whole picture a nice pink color — the color of cosmic love or golden light — the light of cosmic harmony.

6. Then you thank the Universe, the Earth and all the energy and those who assist you in implementing this practice.

7. Say, "I am here and now", and open your eyes.

The basis of this practice — filling the crystal-white light of high energy, which burns all negative.
You can work not only with each other but also with situations, other people, groups and so on. Special condition: you are always working on themselves. What it means. Your first action in all cases — you see yourself as an egg. Next — situations, people, and so on, also in the form of eggs, but smaller. After that, you merge all the eggs in one image and produce a total wash.

You can use this technique if necessary, and when it is mastered well enough, even in emergency situations

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